10 Hot Summer Wine Tasting Themes

10 Hot Summer Wine Tasting Themes

What better way to celebrate summer than a Wine Tasting with friends? A theme makes it easier to engage your guests and certainly adds to the fun. If you’re feeling creative and in the mood to shake things up this season, here are 10 red-hot summer Tasting themes to inspire you!


1.  Life’s a Beach
Idea: Tell your guests to come with their best sunglasses & sun hats and then set the scene with a soundtrack of beachy songs. Take the Tasting outside (or poolside) to enjoy the summer sun.

2.  Fiesta
Idea: Blend wine with ice to make wine margaritas. Serve with chips, fruit salsa and spicy chocolate

3.  Island Fever
Idea: Have a case of island fever? Pair your Sampler with tropical bites like fruit skewers or Jerk Popcorn. Find more pairing ideas here. 


10 Hot Summer Tasting Themes


4.  Ice Cream Social
Idea: Pick pints in a variety of flavors and have each guest bring a topping (or two) of their choice. Have fun mixing, matching and deciding whose ice cream masterpiece is the most creative, most crazy or most delicious when paired with your Sampler wines!

5.  Melon Madness
Idea: It couldn’t be simpler. Use a melon-baller to make easy work of watermelon, cantaloupe and honeydew. Charcuterie and melon are a match made in heaven, especially when paired with wine. TIP: Use frozen melon as a quick & delicious way to chill your wines. 

6.  Summer Sangria
Idea: Guests bring different types of fruit while you break out a few pitchers. Enjoy the Wine Tasting with your Wine Consultant and then set up a “make your own sangria” bar. The fruity combinations are endless. You’re limited only by your imagination!


10 Hot Summer Tasting Themes


7.  Garden Party
Idea: Pinkies up! The traditional garden party features simple outdoor games, tea sandwiches, bite-sized desserts and your summer’s best attire. Decorate the backyard with fresh flowers and candles on the table and you’re all set.

8.  Wine Luau
Idea: Time to luau! Have guests wear Hawaiian shirts and give them a lei as they arrive. Hawaiian music and party foods like Hawaiian Grilled Shrimp Tacos complete the theme.

9.  Indoor Picnic
Idea: Guests bring their favorite picnic foods or simple barbecue dishes. Lay out a picnic-style tablecloth and see whose dish & wine pairing is the best! 


10 Hot Summer Tasting Themes


10.  Glamping
Idea: Beat the heat and the pesky mosquitoes by glamping indoors. Lanterns or twinkle lights help bring the outdoors in. Then serve up campfire classics to pair with your wines, like s’mores dip, hot dogs or easy, grilled veggies.


Select your Wine Tasting Sampler and book your Wine Tasting today or talk to your Wine Consultant for more Tasting ideas & inspiration!