Finally! Spring is so close you can almost taste it. Shake off winter for some light-hearted fun. With any event, it’s no secret that having a theme is an easy way to entice and engage your guests. Read on for a dozen ideas, then have fun sipping, swirling and partying.

Guests toasting during a Tasting

1. Let’s Celebrate Everything
Brighter days are ahead. Look forward to the sunshine with an anything-goes gathering. Decorate with a color mix of balloons and banners. Do a festive celebratory party food menu.

IDEAS: Mini meatball sliders, potato skins, empanadas, chicken tenders, jalapeno poppers – you get the idea.

RECIPE INSPIRATION: Mini Meatball Sliders

PAIRS WITH: Cadeau Brut Sparkling Wine

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Rose Weissman (Marin Hinkle) at tea in season three, episode eight of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

2. Mrs. Maisel
Inspired by Midge and her pals, why not dress vintage and do a party-at-the-Plaza menu? You can serve dainty sandwiches and pastries or go fancy and do a few splurge-y goodies from the Plaza menu.

IDEAS: Classic shrimp cocktail, oysters on the half shell, caviar, individual cheese plates, black and white cookies.

RECIPE INSPIRATION: Classic Shrimp Cocktail

PAIRS WITH: Cookie Cellars 2019 Sauvignon Blanc

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Emily (played by Lily Collins in Emily in Paris: The New Netflix TV Show) is a young American in her 20s who landed her dream job in a city that is equally her dream city, Paris.

3. Emily in Paris
Have an Emily-Inspired experience. Dreamy couture and dreamy chefs are optional, yet the menu and the vibe are well within reach. Go sweet and easy, snacky and quick, or très hot and French.

IDEAS: Sweet pain au chocolat, croissants and crème brulee…snacky baguettes, cheese and fancy jams or très hot croque monsieurs.

RECIPE INSPIRATION: Mini Croque Monsieurs

PAIRS WITH: Halcyon 2019 Bordeaux Alcedo

*Recipe courtesy of shekeepsaovlelyhomecom.
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Women sitting indoor, eating pizza and popcorn and drinking wine together.

4. Popcorn and Movies
What’s a quicker, tastier indulgence than popcorn and wine? Wild new popcorn flavors are giving us lots of reasons to experiment. So start poppin’ kernels and corks.

IDEAS: Each guest gets bags with a savory, a sweet and a combo.

RECIPE INSPIRATION: Cookies and Cream Popcorn

PAIRS WITH: Cadeau Brut Sparkling Wine

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Enchanted Forest Theme Wedding decoration. Plate on the moss, candles,strawberry, flowers.

5. Enchanted Forest
Time for spring fairies, wildflowers and flights of fancy. (Grownup version.) Create a woodland atmosphere with greenery, acorns, and fairy lights.

IDEAS: Serve small bites, fruits and nuts, mini sandwiches and cookies.


PAIRS WITH: Adagio 2020 Crescendo

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Women enjoying wine during a spa day

6. Spring Spa Night
Cool-girl beauty vibe. Guests can attend in PJs/robes. Relax, sip tasty wines and snack on healthy spa-treat nibbles. Exchange favorite beauty tips. Lounge!

IDEAS: Serve cucumber sandwiches, bite-sized fruits and veggies, mini muffins, and this cheeky cheeseball.


PAIRS WITH: Joy Cellars Bliss

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 Champagne Jelly Flutes

7. Spring Cocktails
How about a jazzy cocktail party? If weather permits, have it outdoors. Everyone dresses festive and toasts the new season–together again!

IDEAS: Serve springy finger foods and light delicious wine cocktails like these fabulous Champagne jelly flutes

RECIPE INSPIRATION: Gorgonzola and prosciutto figs with prawn and brioche toasties

PAIRS WITH: Paquet Cadeau Semi-Seco Sparkling Wine

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English themed outdoor tea party decorated with flowers, cookies and wine.

8. Tea Party
When you’re feeling refined, have a tea party and get things rolling with wine and dainty snacks.

IDEAS: English tea sandwiches, puréed soups in little cups, miniature scones and macarons.


PAIRS WITH: Milano Cellars 2019 Barbera

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Girl Scout Cookie Brownie Cups

9. Girl Scout Cookies
Here’s another reason to stock up on Girl Scout Cookies (as if we needed reasons). No secret they pair beautifully with our wines, so cheers to a totally decadent tasting.

IDEAS: Find your favorite, weird and wonderful wine and Girl Scout Cookie combos.

RECIPE INSPIRATION: Girl Scout Cookie Brownie Cups

PAIRS WITH: Paquet Cadeau Rosë Sparkling Wine

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Stuffed Crescent Roll Carrots

10. Easter
For a festive table, go sophisticated yet whimsical with plenty of pastel décor and fresh flowers.

IDEAS: Bunny-themed snacks like crescent roll “carrots” and carrot cake. Jelly beans highly recommended.

RECIPE INSPIRATION: Crescent “Carrots”

PAIRS WITH: Adagio 2020 Verdejo

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Basketball with fireworks and an exploding bottle of champagne on a black background.

11. March Madness
Did someone say brackets? Throw a pre-game wine tasting so everybody can track their favorite wines. (Print up wine bracket forms.) Wear team colors and have a blast.

IDEAS: Serve a stick-to-your-ribs dish like baked ziti with meatballs accompanied by gameday finger foods.

RECIPE INSPIRATION: Baked Ziti, Meatballs

PAIRS WITH: Adagio 2020 Verdejo

*Recipe courtesy of McCormick & Company, Inc.

Young man, in a jacket in the style of the 90s, with a retro cassette player, hears music, the mood of dancing and fun, yellow and purple colors.

12. Throwback Party
Nostalgia is trending. Which decade will you revisit and what’s on the menu? 80s vs. 90s parties are hot, so check online for cool decorations.

IDEAS: Grab Doritos and Fruit Rollups, and also have a few substantial goodies like Walking Tacos.


PAIRS WITH: Terroir Cellars 2020 Grenache

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