As we look toward a prosperous and enjoyable 2022, we’ve gathered some hot, new things for you to keep on your radar to taste, sip and share.

1. Chillable Reds
Once a niche trend, this is now taking off. Put your favorite lighter/fruity reds in an ice bucket before serving for a bright, fresh change. Or serve them on ice.

Chillable Reds
Try these favorites chilled:
Terroir Cellars 2020 Grenache
Glory Cellars 2017 Hero’s Blend
Fog Vineyards 2020 Zinfandel

2. Spritzers
We always love spritzers. Easy-breezy, versatile and refreshing. Most popular with white wines, they work with nearly any varietal and also with rosés and reds. Here’s one to enjoy: Pomegranate and Lemon Rosé Spritzer.

Pomegranate and lemon rose spritzers

Crisp and refreshing, festive and bubbly, these can be made in less than 15 minutes.

*Recipe and photo courtesy of

3. Wine in Cans
Grab a few and bring them along. Cooler-friendly, in individual portions, easy to recycle. Also delicious. Try our Suburban Fracas in two well-loved varietals.

White: Suburban Fracas Skirmish
Red: Suburban Fracas 2020 Tannat

4. Rosé–Pinks with Attitude
Once considered only for summertime or only for “fill-in-the-blank” time, these days anytime is rosé time.

Rosé Table Wine
Paquet Cadeau Rosé Sparkling Wine

5. Premium Wines
Demand for premium wines shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. People became more adventurous and engaged the past 2 years (no surprise!) Here are a few of our favorites:

2018 Artisan 5 Cabernet Sauvignon
Somersville Cellars 2020 Red Meritage
Terroir Cellars 2020 Washington State Cabernet Sauvignon

6. French Wines
From fruit-driven whites to juicy reds to new-on-the-scene varietals, the world often looks to the regions of France, and for all good reasons (terroir and history).

Halcyon 2019 Alcedo
Terroir Cellars 2020 Grenache

7. Mushrooms of All Kinds

Still life mushrooms in a basket

8. Sunflower Seeds, Sunflower Butter

9. Hibiscus in Many Forms

Hibiscus powder preparing herbal tea

10. “Swicey” Foods–Both Sweet and Spicy

Prawns on white plate

11. Plant-based Foods–Even Plant-based Seafood!

Avocado sandwich green vegan burger roast

12. South American Foods and Flavors

Ladies from Colombia carrying fruit

13. Indian Foods and Flavors

Young Indian female carrying diwali sweets

14. Elaborate Cakes Created for Family and Friends

Red velvet cake

15. Heritage Foods (Grandparents’ Recipes)

Multigenerational family cooking

16. Fruity Vinegars–for Salads, Sandwiches, Sweets, Sauces

Variety of oil infusioned preserved fruits and vegetables

Trending Recipes from Social Media

Baked Feta pasta

17. Baked Feta Pasta

Meet the pasta that once busted the internet and is still gaining followers.

PAIRS WITH: Joy Cellars Merriment

*Recipe and photo courtesy of

Variety of ricotta toast

18. Ricotta Toast

Luxurious yet light, it’s creamy, filled with protein and ridiculously versatile.

PAIRS WITH: Fleur Bleu 2020 Sauvignon Blanc

*Recipe and photo courtesy of

Easy sushi bake pan

19. Sushi Bake

A deconstructed sushi roll with tangy sushi rice, creamy crab filling and spicy mayo.

PAIRS WITH: Monarch 2020 Riesling

*Recipe and photo courtesy of

Twisted bacon

20. “Twisted” Bacon

One ingredient, hands-off cooking, easy cleanup–what’s not to like?

PAIRS WITH: Terroir Cellars Grenache

*Recipe and photo courtesy of

Pasta chips with dip

21. Pasta Chips

They’re crunchy, cheesy, spicy and great for scooping dips. Flavor them many different ways.

PAIRS WITH: Gemme Cellars 2018 Ruby

*Recipe and photo courtesy of

Creme brulee

22. Three-Ingredient Crème Brulee

Vanilla ice cream, egg yolks and sugar is all it takes. Genius!

PAIRS WITH: Infinite Wisdom 2020 Orange Muscat

*Recipe and photo courtesy of



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