Thanksgiving is a stressful time. From worrying about your family’s special dietary needs or diets (gluten-free stuffing anyone?) to getting geared up for the Black Friday shopping mayhem — the last thing you should be racking your brain over is what kinds of wine to serve for all those yummy dishes.

Speaking of yummy dishes, there are often many varieties and styles of dishes being served — all at once! Rest assured, you will cover all your bases with these 3 Basic Wine Styles.


The 3 Wines You Need for Thanksgiving:


  • A rich bold red wine like the Artisan 5 2012 Masterpiece, a classic wine in a classic bottle, with notes of leather, tobacco, licorice, mocha, blackberry & plum.
  • A crisp, somewhat aggressive white wine like the Somersville Cellars 2013 White Meritage. Made with Sauvignon Blanc from Rutherford and Semillon from Lake County, this wine is creamy, citrusy, with notes of white flowers and apricot.
  • Something fun, effervescent and bubby like the Grand Cadeau Rosé Sparkling. Pretty in pink, this wine has notes of raspberry, watermelon, and white flower fragrances of orange blossom and acacia.


For more pairing suggestions, read our article: “Thinking About Thanksgiving,” which gives you specific suggestions about what to choose for all your holiday meals.