Summer Shortcuts and Tempting Treats

Summertime! Who wants to fuss around the kitchen? Nobody. Still, we want to enjoy our wine at the right temp and we want it to be delicious. So here are a few tips/tricks/hacks to save time…and some frosty serving ideas … Read More »

Gifts for Dads & Grads

Time for big celebrations. Get the jump on Father’s Day now with our expert wine-inspired gift ideas. You may also have some graduates on your list this year, and we have plenty of great grad gifts. If you’re celebrating both … Read More »

Sparkling Spring Cocktails

Put away those winter blues and start thinking about all things bright and bubbly. Spring officially hops to life on March 20th, so now is the perfect time to pop the cork and celebrate the season with sparkling spring cocktails. Read on … Read More »

10 Winning Wine Tasting Themes for Spring

What better way to welcome spring than with a Wine Tasting with friends? A theme makes it easier to engage your guests and certainly adds to the fun. If you’re feeling creative and in the mood to shake things up with … Read More »

Celebrate the Light of Life

Eagerly anticipated every year, our Lumière de Vie (Light of Life) wines are classic favorites. This month we introduce a bright, clean, off-dry Rosé; a semi-fruity white blend with a dry finish; a rich medium-bodied Petit Verdot and an easygoing, … Read More »

18 Reasons to Join Us in 2018

Who will write your paychecks in 2018? How about YOU? Here’s an idea – hire yourself. Become an Independent Wine Consultant and what you earn is up to you. Earn spending money for extras or transform your life with a … Read More »