Winemaker’s Holiday Food & Wine Pairing Guide

The time has come to start preparing for holiday celebrations and festivities. Pairing food and wine for you and your guests can sometimes be challenging, especially if you’re planning a buffet or potluck. Our number one tip? Serve an assortment … Read More »

Smokey and the Barrel

Last year, I was celebrating my wife’s birthday at a restaurant in Napa. Among our guests was my longtime friend Pierre, winemaker at Signorello. Nobody was expecting that only a few hours later, the wine countryside of Sonoma and Napa … Read More »

Wine Mythology

One thing that I have always been very interested in was Egyptian, Greek and Roman mythology. Learning about the interactions and stories of the gods and their creations on earth has always been fascinating to me. A more recent definition … Read More »

“Corky” – to Be or Not to Be

One day, when I retire from the wine business, I hope to be remembered for being lively, bubbly and generally fun to be around, in a word: “corky.” Well, it might be okay to have a corky personality, but when … Read More »

The Grapevine Vegetative Cycle Part II

The cool days and mornings are pretty much behind us. The spring frost has packed up and left. Weather patterns have become increasingly harder to predict. For example, four weeks ago, a weather event with cold temperatures and hail decimated … Read More »

All About AVAs (American Viticultural Areas)

AVA is not our latest white blend of Arneis, Verdelho and Albarino. In the wine industry, AVAs are used to help wine consumers understand the value and quality of the wine that they are purchasing. Featured on every bottle of … Read More »

The Grapevine Vegetative Cycle Part I

Over the next few months, we are going to follow the development of the grapevine. Indeed, March is truly the beginning of the growing cycle.  A Recap of the Vegetative Cycle: • Bleeding of the vines between February and March … Read More »

Best Vineyard Practices

Last month we talked about the importance of a good pruning during this time of year. Besides the obvious influence on the quality of the future crop – pruning and vineyard management methods are critical for resilient, healthy vines. Wood diseases … Read More »