Let’s Talk About Gases… in Winemaking

  When you think about gases and wine, most likely the tiny bubbles in a sparkling wine is the visual that springs to mind, but gases play various roles when it comes to wine. Gases present a lot of challenges … Read More »

Let’s Spice Things Up with Some Mustard

Shears and saws are actively used in the vineyard around this time of year. This is truly pruning time in the Napa Valley. This special time of year creates beautiful scenes filled with fantastic fields of color.   Cover crops … Read More »

How to Enhance Your Tasting Experience

Some of you would like to get better at tasting wine. Some of you are now confident enough that you would like to share your knowledge with your friends and family. Perhaps some of you are looking for a different … Read More »

Filtration in Modern Winemaking

Over several centuries of discovery, winemakers have intensified their quality control methods. One of the last steps before bottling is to clarify and remove all sorts of particles from the wine. Fermentation solids, yeast and bacteria, to name a few, … Read More »

Holiday Wine Pairings

The time has come to start preparing for holiday celebrations and festivities. Pairing food and wine for you and your guests can sometimes be challenging. Our number one tip? Serve an assortment of wine to satisfy a wide range of … Read More »

How Wineries Use Water

Water is indeed the number one topic among wine professionals. Let’s describe, in more detail, a few sustainable procedures used today. In my recent article, “The Importance of Water for Wineries,” I finished with this old quote: “There is an old … Read More »

The Importance of Water for Wineries

Because of the drought, the wine industry is paying close attention to the usage of water. There are now many wineries that call Napa home, not just Napa Valley or Napa County but within the Napa city limits itself. Outside … Read More »