Aeration, decantation , oxidation and more

Aeration, Decantation, Oxidation and More

Many people are interested to know if our wines would benefit from decanting or aerating, versus pouring straight from the bottle. This is an important aspect of tasting wine, since we want our wines to showcase their best attributes.     … Read More »

Featured image for Corkscrews, My True Passion

Corkscrews, My True Passion

Sometimes I receive questions on Facebook asking me if I have tried the latest wine gadget to hit the market. A recent question referred to the new Coravin corkscrew, the “Elite Two.” As I was replying that I have not … Read More »

Featured image for Picking Grapes at Maturity

Picking Grapes at Maturity

Brix is the name of a very good restaurant located in Yountville in the middle of the Napa Valley. Brix (the amount of sugar content in a liquid) is also one of the essential data points in grape analysis; one … Read More »

Milestones in the American Wine Business

Milestones in the American Wine Business

If you are talking to friends and family about malolactic fermentation, barrels or yeast, while you are enjoying a glass of wine, you are showing off and sharing your knowledge of wine. This is a wonderful thing as wine will … Read More »

Oak Alternatives in Winemaking

Oak Alternatives in Winemaking

Over the past several decades, innovations and technological advances have made waves in the old world ways of winemaking. A few years ago, it would have been inconceivable to pick grapes with a machine. Now, the technology is there to … Read More »

Flying High-Tech in the Vineyard

Flying High-Tech in the Vineyard

As a kid, I was always fascinated by war planes and I spent many hours gluing models together. What kid is not attracted to flying machines? Recently, I was talking to a vineyard manager about a different kind of flying … Read More »

Let's Talk About Winemaking

Let’s Talk About Gases… in Winemaking

  When you think about gases and wine, most likely the tiny bubbles in a sparkling wine is the visual that springs to mind, but gases play various roles when it comes to wine. Gases present a lot of challenges … Read More »