The Birth of the Almighty Chardonnay

Harvest season is well under way here in Napa Valley. Today I am going to describe the journey of some of our Chardonnay grapes. In California, several winemaking methods can be used to obtain different styles like dry or sweet, … Read More »

Navigating Labels in the Wine Industry

This month, let’s take a look at navigating labels in the wine industry and the many laws, rules and regulations that govern each and every wine label that we present to you. The Tax and Trade Bureau for Alcohol and … Read More »

Grape Harvest is Upon Us in California

Early this morning, I saw the first truck of grapes driving down Highway 29 in Napa Valley. The 2014 harvest is about to get into full swing. Several counties across California, have already begun picking the fruit of their yearly … Read More »

Frost Protection in the Vineyards

In our last article about “Bud Break,” we learned how different grape varietals develop over a two month period. We are mid-April and some of the buds have just started to expand and some of them are already fifteen inches … Read More »

Bud Break Is Here!

This is an exciting time in our Californian vineyards, the 2014 Vintage growing season has begun!   The first tender buds of the growing season emerge from the dormant vine during bud break. Depending on vine variety and vineyard location, … Read More »

The Question of Sulfites (Sulfur) in Wine

There is often confusion about the role of sulfites in wines. What better person to ask than our winemaker, Alex Reble? Jane:  So, Alex, for heaven’s sake, let’s start at the beginning. What are sulfites? And why do we find sulfites … Read More »