Tanks the Perfect Storage for Wine

Tanks: The Perfect Storage for Wine

A few weeks ago, we discovered in more detail the influence that oak had on wine. The storage of wine has been changing over the past millenniums. New technologies, vineyard expansion and the increase of worldwide wine production has given birth … Read More »

Oak and Wine Barrels

Oak and Wine

The History, Fabrication and Usage Ancient civilizations used clay amphorae (storage containers) as the main storage medium of choice for transporting oil and wine. Romans began to spread their empire across the globe. Wine was safer to drink than water … Read More »

The Bottling

The Bottling…

WineShop At Home is like the other 2,300 bonded wineries in the State; we all need to bottle our yearly wine production. A few weeks ago, we talked about packaging materials. Now the time has come to put it all … Read More »

Pruning Grapevines

All About Grapevine Pruning

By mid-February, vines still lie dormant in vineyards across California. However, the winemaker and the vineyard manager are hard at work planning the single most important operation of the year: The Pruning February is a busy period in the vineyard. … Read More »

Wine Bottle Tops

Wine Bottle Packaging: Part II

A good looking bottle, as we talked about last month, is a combination of several elements. After taking a more in depth look at what is going on toward the top, time has come to look at bottles and labels. … Read More »

Ask Alex

Wine Bottle Packaging: Part I

Jessica Zamora posted on October 17th: “I’ve been wondering why the red bottles vary in shape? I’ve had customers notice it as well and would love to be able to respond intelligently.” Sandy Irving wrote on October 23rd: “Serving the … Read More »