Wine Away Your Summer with Us

Two women in kitchen looking at wines

Looking for a side gig this summer? Become an Independent Wine Consultant with us this month and join the thousands of women and men loving and sharing wine across the nation. Whether you’re wanting to save up for something special, … Read More »

Red, white & blue cocktail

Hot Summer Tasting Themes & Cocktails

It’s less than one week ‘til the official start of summer. Aren’t your fondest childhood memories from summer? Think friends, parties, swimming, barbecues and toes in the sand. Capture the same carefree summer feelings with our hot summer Wine Tasting … Read More »

wines chilling in ice bucket on table

Chilling Wine 101

The heat is on – so break out the ice bucket and make some room in the fridge. This cheat sheet is your definitive guide to properly chill wine, from sparkling to whites, rosés to reds (yes, even reds!). If … Read More »

Dog in vineyard

The Best Noses in the Wine Biz

We all know the value of animals working tail in hand, tusk in hand, paw in hand or snout in hand with their human friends. I have fond memories of feeding a workhorse in Saint-Emilion, France. Named Reveuse, his job … Read More »

Celebrate Earth Day with Upcycled Wine Crafts

Celebrate Earth Day with Upcycled Wine Crafts

We’re celebrating Earth Day by upcycling wine bottles and corks into delightful and functional items for your home. Instead of simply recycling your wine bottles, transform them into vases, planters and so much more. And put your collection of old … Read More »