Pointless Wines? Woman scoring and analyzing wine

Pointless Wines?

The success that our wines enjoyed during several recent wine competitions made me revisit some comments and questions about the ratings system mostly used in our industry. This made me wonder, has scoring wines become a pointless activity? When you … Read More »

Dog in vineyard

The Best Noses in the Wine Biz

We all know the value of animals working tail in hand, tusk in hand, paw in hand or snout in hand with their human friends. I have fond memories of feeding a workhorse in Saint-Emilion, France. Named Reveuse, his job … Read More »

Easter Egg Hunt in the Cellar Anyone?

Easter Egg Hunt in the Cellar, Anyone?

Nowadays, there is a new trend in cellars, using eggs. No, I am not talking about the process by which we can stabilize and clarify red wines using real albumin from eggs. The oval objects I am talking about are … Read More »

The Wine Business – Let's Keep it Real - wine glass with white wine and trees in background

The Wine Business – Let’s Keep it Real

Our President & CEO, Jane Creed, always guides us here at WineShop At Home to use only the truth – without buzzwords or false claims. We have high standards for our wines and our words. All 10,000 wineries in the … Read More »

The Grapevine Vegetative Cycle Part III

The Grapevine Vegetative Cycle Part III

Over the past few months, we have been following the development of the grapevine. March is truly the beginning of the growing cycle, following the pruning. A Recap of the Vegetative Cycle: • Bleeding of the vines between February and … Read More »

WineShop At Home's Winemaker - Alex Reble

Meet Our Winemaker

I grew up in the Bordeaux region of France, which is well known for its vineyards, the coastal climate of the Atlantic and its historical towns. My family’s only remote connection to wine is through my grandfather. Indeed, I inherited … Read More »

The Secrets Behind Sparkling Wines

The Secrets Behind Sparkling Wines

The creation of sparkling wine follows the same main principle as all other wines: fermentation. However, of all wines, sparkling wines are considered the most technical in the world to produce. Why? The reason is due to a secondary fermentation … Read More »