Marlene Cain has spent her entire career of over 35 years helping others to achieve both their personal and financial goals through direct selling. Marlene first joined WineShop At Home as an Independent Wine Consultant, building a significant team in Indiana. She moved to the corporate side of the business as Vice President Sales in April 2011. Earlier, Marlene built and maintained the #1 team, with a $3 million downline for Colesce Couture, becoming a Regional Vice-President for that Company. As a stay-at-home mom and farm wife, Marlene believes that direct selling gave her the opportunity to keep her family as her #1 priority while making a great income. Her mission is to help others achieve both financial and personal growth and the opportunity to work from home. Marlene helps our Wine Consultants throughout the country to build and grow strong teams. Marlene Cain is a native Southern Californian and has been married for 42 years to Indiana farmer, Kenny Cain. She and Kenny have 3 sons, Sam, John & Josh, 5 grandchildren and a dog named Sookie.