I wouldn’t dare pick a favorite varietal of wine. Variety is the spice of life, and choosing a favorite wine is like choosing a favorite pair of shoes. There are ones that pair better with different occasions and different moods. With that in mind, you can foresee my possible difficulty in selecting my WineShop At Home Business Kit. With three Business Kits to choose from, I initially had a Goldilocks moment and wanted all of them!


“What’s a Business Kit,” you may ask. A glass of wine to you for a good question! A WineShop At Home Business Kit is simply the package of training materials, business supplies and marketing materials that you’ll need as an Independent Wine Consultant. You select the Kit that’s right for you when you sign up, and there are three great options to choose from, the Mini Kit, the Starter Kit and the Premium Kit. You can check them all out HERE.


I eventually decided to go with the Starter Kit – a perfect fit for me, with a few choice upgrades from the Mini (including a 2-bottle Wine Club Select Membership!). When my Kit arrived at my doorstep, I called up my older sister for a little unboxing party. There’s something so fun about seeing or doing something for the first time and sharing it with someone you love.


A little bit about my one-of-kind sister – she has always been my rock and role model. From helping me choose my first car, to deciding my college major, my sister has always been there for me during every important life decision. When I first told her of my decision to join WineShop, I’ll be honest and say that she was less than thrilled. I’ve always looked to her for guidance, and admired her for her words of wisdom (or words that can sometimes put the fear of God in me) so I was dismayed by her initial unenthusiastic reaction. She had heard of other direct selling companies that required a high initial investment and a lot of dedicated time for it to pay off.


Like a good big sister, she wanted me to focus on grad school and the part-time job I already had. I explained what WineShop At Home was all about – that I could book Wine Tastings whenever it fit into my schedule, including weekends and evenings. My initial investment was minimal, with a Business Kit at less than $150. No inventory to keep or carry to people’s houses made WineShop different from other direct selling companies. Wine Tasting Samplers are purchased by and shipped to the Host, and everything needed for the Tasting is included in either my Kit or the Sampler, so the expense to run my business was extremely minimal. Unlike some products, wine is the great equalizer – enjoyable by anyone over the age of 21, and because it’s deliciously consumable, it almost sells itself!


With all of this explained to my sister (over a bottle of WineShop wine) she eventually came around to accepting my decision, though admittedly she is still reluctant about it. With my sister somewhat on board, I wanted to share my first moment as an official Independent Wine Consultant with her.


My sister and I gathered around my kitchen table, her with her smartphone and me with my box cutter. She snapped a photo as I opened the flaps and took out the first tray. Our eyes were met with a happy, bright, orange color. Nestled inside each orange tray were some of the cool things that I remember seeing at the Wine Tasting I had attended: the Boomerang Corkscrew, the Wine Tasting Guide, the Posi-Pours™. We uncorked one of the wines in my Kit and popped on the Posi-Pour™ to test out my pouring skills.


My first pour as a Wine Consultant will not go down in history folks. I sloshed wine all over my table. My very wise sister then told me to tilt my arm at an angle to create a more vertical pour. This did the trick perfectly! I can’t wait to teach my first Host how to do this and show off a little. (Hosts do the pouring during the Wine Tasting, not the Consultants. Can’t get any simpler than that!) Yes, you read that right… I’ve already got my first Wine Tasting booked!


Incredibly enough, my first Host was also a guest at the Tasting I attended. If I keep booking Tastings like this, my sponsor says that I’ll earn some amazing rewards right from the start. Rewards and wine in addition to the income I’ll earn, that all sounds good to me! My first Wine Tasting is a couple of weeks away and I’m so excited. I’m so lucky to have the support of my sponsor, my friends, my family and my new wine family behind me every step of the way. Alright, time to review some of my other Business Kit materials and get ready!