It came and went in a flash. My first Wine Tasting as a WineShop At Home Independent Wine Consultant was a whirlwind of wine and so much fun!


It all started with a few phone calls and emails with my Host to discuss which Sampler she’d like to try, the types of food to serve during the Tasting and to double-check her guest list. My Host invited seven of her friends for an outdoor Tasting, as a brief respite from their busy lives and a unique way to try wines before buying. She asked them, “How often have you wandered the wine aisle at your grocery store with a lost look on your face, wondering which wines to buy? It’s kind of difficult without tasting them right? Let’s skip the grocery store this week and get together! We’ll taste some amazing wines and pair them with cheese, chocolates and a few other nibbles. Who’s game?” She had all seven RSVPs in no time flat! With all of her friends lined up, she decided to go with a Wine Tasting Sampler perfect for lovers of luxe, decadent wines, and light, sweet wines.


For pairings, I suggested to my Host that she follow the mantra of “keep it simple.” A few cheeses (one mild, one medium, one strong), fruits, nuts, crackers and chocolates would be best for all types of wine.


Before I arrived, I let her know to take the wines out of her Sampler and pop them into the fridge. I showed up at her doorstep an hour later, carrying nothing but my smile. Setting up was a breeze as we placed the wines, stemware and food along her kitchen island. Her friends arrived and soon it was time for the Tasting to begin.


Then a very rare thing happened to me. Just before introducing myself to the guests, I started to get nervous! My normal, confident self decided to go on break just when I needed her. Then I remembered what my sponsor said when I attended my first Tasting. I took a deep breath and I used her words as my inspiration. I found my voice and began the Wine Tasting. Developing my own rhythm, all of my nerves quickly melted away.


We had fun doing the 4 S’s of Wine Tasting with me and taking the Vinotype Quiz to determine our wine personalities. The Vinotype Quiz made it super simple for me to recommend other wines that they might like. And when one of the guests asked me a question that I didn’t know the answer to – I simply told her that I didn’t know, but would be more than happy to find out and get back in touch with her. No stress, no frantic Google searching – just a quick, simple “let me get back to you,” which, by the way, gave me the perfect opportunity to follow up and book her own Tasting!


All in all, my first Tasting was everything I could have hoped for, with such a wonderful Host and crowd, my first Tasting reconfirmed my decision to be an Independent Wine Consultant. We laughed a lot, learned a lot about wine, and we all had FUN. At the end of the night, I had gotten one new Wine Club Member, four cases of wine and one Personalized Wine gift order. Not too shabby for a first-timer, I’d say!