Girl Scout Cookies and wine anyone? Skip the milk & pair your cookies with your fave WineShop wines (because you’re an adult!). This year, to keep everyone safe, get together with friends for a virtual cookie pairing Tasting. You and your guests can sample outstanding wines and support the GSA too. Read on for some of our favorite pairings, plus surprisingly good recipes with Girl Scout Cookie ingredients.

NEW! Toast-Yays

PAIR WITH: le Cadeau Semi-Seco Sparkling 

Thin Mints®

PAIR WITH: Gemme Cellars 2018 Ruby


PAIR WITH: Glory Cellars 2018 Chardonnay


PAIR WITH: Cookie Cellars 2019 Macaron


PAIR WITH: Homage Cellars 2018 Cabernet Sauvignon


PAIR WITH: Fleur Bleu Seven Petals

Savannah Smiles®

PAIR WITH: Gemme Cellars Topazo


PAIR WITH: Table Rosé


PAIR WITH: Cookie Cellars Snickerdoodle


PAIR WITH: Homage Cellars 2018 Viognier


PAIR WITH: Fleur Bleu 2020 Sauvignon Blanc

Caramel Chocolate Chips®

PAIR WITH: Fleur Bleu 2020 Black Muscat


12 Clever Ways to Use Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookie
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Elevate your Girl Scout Cookies with these out-of-the-box creations – not just for kids.


Girl Scout Cookie Pairings 2021


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