Today officially marks my 100th day as an Independent Wine Consultant! As you know, I started this adventure in the hopes that I would be able to earn enough money and help pay off my student loans. A practical reason wouldn’t you say? But something amazing has happened. Yes – I love the flexibility this opportunity has given me, working whenever and wherever I want. Yes – I love that I don’t have to keep inventory or carry anything around with me (wine is heavy you guys!). Yes – I love our wines, they almost sell themselves! I’ve come to realize one thing…that this job is much, much more than simply a “job.”


From day one, I’ve had the incredible support of my sponsor, my upline Leader and our community of Wine Consultants. I was welcomed into this “Wine Nation” with open arms and glasses held high. I have truly found my tribe – a family of like-minded individuals, who want to share delicious wines with people, learn about wine, earn an income to support their lifestyle and, oh yeah, to drink wine!


Every Consultant has a different, unique story. Women and men of all ages, marital status, income levels and locations, from the heart of Texas to the bustling city of New York, from college grads to recent retirees – all are welcomed and encouraged to be just who they are, to develop their own style of performing Wine Tastings, and to enjoy and share wine with people. I have the freedom to interject my personality throughout the experience, connecting with my Hosts and customers in an authentic, personal way. What corporate job would allow you to connect one-on-one with customers like this?


That being said, I’ve made some mistakes and blunders in these first 100 days. (I still can’t pronounce “Malvasia” correctly for the life of me.) Perfection isn’t required to be a Wine Consultant. Perfection is boring! People aren’t looking for perfection when they book a Wine Tasting. They want to do two things – taste wine and have fun!


I’ve learned a lot in 100 days, and I know that my wine knowledge and business savvy will only continue to grow as I do more Wine Tastings and work my new wine business. In my first 100 days, I have earned a Case of artisan wines, a set of the Artisan 5 Star Universal Stems, Bistro Stems, and Master Stems, as well as the Artisan 5 Star Nouveau Decanter. Not only is my wine cellar (my kitchen cabinet) now fully stocked with wine, I have beautiful stems to use for myself or give as gifts! I wonder what other amazing things are in store for me in my next 100 days!