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We bring the Napa Valley wine tasting experience into your home to share with you and your friends.

How It Works

Book a Tasting with a Wine Consultant, who will organize and lead your in-home Tasting
Select your Wine Tasting Sampler—there are 5 styles to choose from
Invite your fellow wine lovers (the Sampler serves up to 16)
Provide simple snacks, water & glasses
Pour, swirl, sip & discover your favorites while taking advantage of your Host Perks
Wine bottles on kitchen counterWine Tasting table with menus, food and wineFriends drinking wine on patioCheese, fruit and crackersPeople tasting wine

Let's Taste

Start by selecting your Wine Tasting Sampler.

Wine Tasting Sampler (the original) on coffee table in living room

the original

Mixed Dry



You’re the real deal. You like to explore and try all types of wines with your friends and like-minded adventurers. This Sampler offers you an anthology of wines, from white to red and off-dry to dry.
Wine Tasting Sampler (the renegade) on coffee table in living room

the renegade

Red & White, Sweet & Dry



You’re an innovator. You forge your own path and make your own choices when it comes to which wines are your favorites. This Sampler is perfect for your squad to divide and conquer, featuring wines that run the gamut, from white to red and light to bold.
Wine Tasting Sampler (the collector) on coffee table in living room

the collector

All Reds



You’re savvy. You know what you like and why—and once you taste something you like, you make sure to have it for whenever the mood strikes. This Sampler is perfect for you and fellow aficionados to enjoy smooth and supple, to big and bold wines.
Wine Tasting Sampler (the romantic) on coffee table in living room

the romantic

Off-Dry & Sweet



You’re passionate. You adore dreamy wines that inspire you and your loved ones to create memories together in the pursuit of discovering new favorites. This Sampler shows you a medley of wines from light to sweet and lush to decadent.
Wine Tasting Sampler (the individualist) on coffee table in living room

the individualist

Personalized Wines



This Wine Tasting Sampler offers you the opportunity to taste our Talmage Cellars wines, exclusively available for label personalization. Sip and select your favorite varietals, then design your own unique label. Perfect for special occasions, gifts and thank you’s.
Host Perks Cheers Bottle

Host Perks

Receive an exclusive Thank You bottle of wine included with your Sampler

Box of wine icon

Pick 2 items at 50% off: the first shipment of your Wine Club Membership or a bottle of wine

wine bottle and glass icon

Included with every 12 bottles purchased at your Tasting, you can select a bottle (up to $35 value) for $4.99 included with your Host order

Discount icon

When 2 or more of your guests host their own Tastings, you can pick 3 wine or stemware items for 50% off

One Wine Nation

Our Hosts are the best! They open their homes with welcoming smiles, warm hospitality and delicious snacks to ensure a wonderful Wine Tasting experience.


How do I book a Wine Tasting?

Click or tap “Book Now” on this page and we’ll get to work connecting you with a Wine Consultant in your area. If you already know a Wine Consultant, your booking request will be sent to them. Once you’ve connected with your Wine Consultant, they will confirm your Wine Tasting Sampler choice and help organize, set up and lead your Wine Tasting.

If there isn't a Wine Consultant near me, can I still host a Wine Tasting?

You can host a Virtual Tasting! Your Wine Consultant can virtually guide you and your guests through the Wine Tasting via Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, etc. The Wine Tasting Sampler is shipped directly to you, so a Virtual Tasting is a fun & simple way to taste, no matter where you or your Wine Consultant is located.

Does it cost anything to host a Wine Tasting?

Your Wine Tasting Sampler includes 5 bottles of wine to share, a special Thank You Bottle of bubbly for you and all of your other amazing Host Perks for $39.95 plus tax. Ground shipping is included. That’s an average total retail value of over $150!

How do I choose a Sampler?

You will partner with your Wine Consultant who will guide you in selecting the right Wine Tasting Sampler for you and up to 16 guests. There are 5 different options to choose from that range in taste profiles. The wines in each Sampler vary and change from month to month due to their limited production.

Do I need to provide food pairings for the Tasting?

Simple pairings are best. No need to provide a full spread or turn the oven on (unless you want to!). Here’s what we recommend:

Crackers or bread
Milk & dark chocolates
Grapes or strawberries
Three kinds of cheese: Mild – Havarti or Brie; Medium – Gouda or dry Cheddar; Strong – Parmesan or blue cheese

How long does the Tasting take?

An average Tasting from start to finish is approximately 1-1 1/2 hours. Remember though, time flies when you’re having fun!

If my friends can't make it, are they still able to order?

Absolutely! Your Wine Consultant will walk you through how they can place an order if they are unable to make it. Your guests’ orders and bookings often count towards your Host Perks, so encourage your guests to make their selections at the Tasting or very soon after it.

What do I get for hosting?

As our way of saying thank you for Hosting a Wine Tasting, you’re eligible for lots of amazing perks that celebrate your good taste. Here’s what’s included with your Sampler purchase:

1. A Thank You bottle of bubbly, exclusively for our Hosts!
2. Pick 2 items at 50% off: the first shipment of your Wine Club Membership or a bottle of wine
3. Included with every 12 bottles purchased at your Tasting, select a bottle (up to $35 value) for $4.99
4. When 2 or more of your guests host Tastings, you can pick 3 wine or stemware items for 50% off

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