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As a Sensitive Vinotype, you are smack-dab in the center of the sensory sensitivity spectrum. This means you are a part of the largest segment and are more apt to enjoy the widest range and diversity of wine styles.

You exhibit the highest degree of phenotypic plasticity, meaning you are flexible, adaptable, adventurous and a champion of context for finding just the right wine.

You were probably an easy birth for your mother and tend to be more free-spirited and less rigid in life.

In business and family relations, you tend to be a moderator and may struggle with making big decisions.

Whereas the Hypersensitive and Sweet Vinotypes thrive in a world of empathetic chaos, and Tolerant Vinotypes look at the world in a linear, black and white fashion, you may see both sides and embrace the environment around you.

You tend to prefer diversity in many beverages as well (a latte or cream in your coffee some times, dark, rich and black or an espresso another time) and may also like tea. Sensitive Vinotypes are usually more inquisitive and daring in their food preferences as well. Because you are so willing to try so many things you are not known for loving one specific thing. Early in life you may have dreamed of a future as an artist but ended up in sales or business. The Sensitive Vinotype often is the one who says, “Ha, you can’t put me in a box,” due to the wide range of flavor experiences that they crave.

Your wine preferences run the gamut from delicate to full-bodied, dry white wines to a wide range of reds, especially favoring those that are very rich, smooth but not too oaky or tannic.

Wines you are prone to love include Chardonnay (but pretty picky), Viognier, Pinot Blanc and possibly Sauvignon Blanc. On the red side, you may have a particular penchant for Bordeaux and Rhone blends or more obscure varieties like Malbec and Cabernet Franc. In general, you might lean towards Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and possibly Merlot but you could just as easily hate these varieties as well and be seeking new different and more exciting experiences. An approachable, food-friendly Pinot Noir would treat you just right!

Sounds like we are throwing the whole kitchen sink at you, but that’s because we are. Sensitive Vinotypes tend to have the widest range of wine preferences.

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