Q. What type of files do I need to create my own labels?
A. If you are including your own image on your wine label, you can upload either .jpg, .Tiff, .png .eps or .gif file types. The higher the DPI (dots per inch) the better the resolution. It is recommended you do not use a file smaller than 500KB. The maximum up-loadable size is 4.5MB. Use a photo that best fits the orientation of the template you select. All images MUST have an RGB color profile (by default, most images do). If not, the images must be converted to RGB. If you are unable to convert the image yourself, you can have it done for you by WineShop At Home and will be charged the $25 Personalized Wine Artwork Setup Fee.

Q. What size (dimension) does my image need to be?
A. The Label Creating Interface will allow you to re-size the image, while preserving the aspect ratio. You will also be able to re-position the image to best fit the printable area of each template. Depending on the orientation of your image, one template may work better than another. The Label Creating Interface will always try to allow for the maximum usage of the printable area.

Q. Why does it look like my image is too big for the label?
A. The label creating interface prints the image all the way to the edge of the physical label. In order to use the maximum space, the image needs to be slightly larger than the printable area.

Q. What if my image is not showing well on the label?
A. You may need a higher quality image with a larger file size.  You may upload an image as many times as you like. It is recommended you do not use a file smaller than 500KB. The maximum up-loadable size is 4.5MB.

Q. What is included in the $25 Personalized Wine Artwork Setup Fee?
A. WineShop At Home’s “Personalized Wine Artwork Setup Fee” may include the following: the cropping and optimization of provided images, the overlaying of text or creating a separate image of up to three provided images. WineShop At Home can only help with images that have the correct resolution, size and quality. The setup fee does not include the following: the actual editing or retouching of images, or providing images other than what is available in the stock image library. You will be allowed up to three proofs (three revisions or three rounds of proofing) per $25 setup fee.

Q. Can I order labels only or do I need to purchase the wine?
A. WineShop At Home is careful to offer only premium quality wines; therefore, our personalized label service is only available when ordering our exclusive selection of Talmage wines, either by the Half-Case, Case or individual gifts. Customers must first select their product of choice before creating and approving their personalized labels.

Q. I created my label but want to edit it before checking out. Can I do this?
A. Yes, you can still edit your label in the shopping cart by clicking “Edit Label” button.

Q. What color is the wine label?
A. WineShop At Home uses a high quality natural white linen paper. The images are printed all the way to the defined edges of label, or as shown and approved in the label preview.

Q. How long will it take to receive my personalized wines?
A. Once your order is placed through our automated system, typically your wines will be ready to ship within 2-5 business days. If you choose to have WineShop At Home assist with the creation of your label, the wines typically ship within 10 business days of final approval of your label. Actual shipping times after they have departed from the distribution center will vary depending on distance and shipping service selected.  You may choose ground or express shipping.

Q. I am having difficulty using the system, what should I do?
A. Please contact the WineShop At Home Customer Care department at help@wineshopathome.com or call 1-800-946-3746 and they will be happy to assist you.

Q. Can I save a label and reorder wine with the same label at a later date?
A. No. A new label must be created each time a Personalized Wine is ordered.

Q. Can I have WineShop At Home create my label for me rather than do it myself online?
A. Yes, you can submit a request for Personalized Wine by forwarding your image/artwork through your Independent WineShop At Home Consultant or by contacting our Customer Care department at help@wineshopathome.com or 1-800-WineShop (1-800-946-3746). It may take up to 10 business days for the production and approval of labels not created and approved through the Label Creating Interface. Additional fees may apply, please see the above “Personalized Wine Artwork Setup Fee” policy for more information.

Q. What if I am not happy with my labels when I receive them?
A. If there is an error in your order that is the fault of WineShop At Home, or your product has arrived damaged, please contact us as soon as possible and we will replace any damaged portion that is the error of WineShop At Home, excluding shipping charges. Please do not return orders without contacting Customer Service first. Please note that image quality, typographical errors, font type and color selection is the responsibility of the customer once the label has been approved and not WineShop At Home.  Please see WineShop At Home’s shipping and return policy for more information.

Q. Can I have more than one label design on an item containing more than a bottle of wine?
A. You may create a personalized label on each product ordered, but not each individual bottle within that product. For example, when ordering Personalized Wine by the Case, one personalized label will apply to the entire Case (12 bottles per Case). If ordering more than one Case, you can personalize a label for each Case ordered. If ordering gifts, you may create one label per gift set.

Q. If I don’t have artwork can you create it for me?
A. WineShop At Home does not provide artwork but does offer stock image choices if you do not have existing artwork. If you need assistance with uploading or editing your existing artwork, we can assist you for a nominal fee. Please see the above “Personalized Wine Artwork Setup Fee” for more information.

Q. Can I make changes to my label, order information or cancel my order after I place my order online?
A. In the event that you need to change or cancel your order, we will do our best to help you make the changes. Please see the above “Personalized Wine Artwork Setup Fee” policy for more information. If your order is already in production, and you wish to edit or modify your labels, you will be charged a $25 “Label Reprint Fee.” If your order is already in production, and you cancel your order, you are responsible for all costs incurred up to the time of cancellation, including but not limited to any and all restocking fees, label printing, shipping, and the finished product. We will make every effort to stop production in a manner which would save you as much expense as possible. We will notify you of any charges that will be incurred in these cases.