About Talmage Wines

Our Talmage Cellars wines are exclusively available for label personalization. Please see below for information on the current Talmage Cellars varietal offerings. For a listing of Personalized Wine Cases and Half-Cases, please go here. For a listing of our Personalized Boxed Gift options, please go here.

Talmage Cellars California Cabernet Sauvignon
Our Talmage Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon is a young and powerful 2017 vintage. From its rich, dark color; flavors of black currant, blackberry and black cherry are revealed. The aromatic characters of this wine primarily consist of dark fruit but toasted oak, black pepper and earthy notes are also present. This Cabernet Sauvignon showcases bold, juicy tannins from start to finish. This wine shows its true colors by coating the entire surface of the mouth with these elegant tannins. This Cabernet is extremely well-balanced and possesses great length. Pair it with a wide range of dishes such as pork tenderloin, grilled chicken, roast beef or game meat. Enjoy it with the featured recipe: Spicy Teryaki-Marinated Flank Steak with Grilled Peaches.

Talmage Cellars California Merlot
Our Talmage Cellars California Merlot displays red fruit aromas of raspberry and strawberry. There are also interesting flavors that develop, such as smoked meat and bacon. These flavors come from toasted oak barrels. This dry wine showcases nice, lengthy tannins. This wine is a classic representation of a great Merlot: easygoing and charming with a good amount of tannins and a long lasting, lingering finish. This Merlot is very versatile and can be enjoyed with pasta dishes such as lasagna, grilled tuna fish, chicken or roasted pork loin. Try it with the featured recipe: Garlic & Herb Roasted Chicken and Vegetables.

Talmage Cellars 2016 California Chardonnay
This wine provides aromas of yellow flowers, such as daffodil, with ripe pear, Gala Apple and grapefruit notes also present. The attack in the mouth is quite clean and round for a dry wine. This wine was fermented in stainless-steel tanks, which provided great acidity and a balanced overall body. Citrus components such as lemon and lime make this wine very crisp and refreshing. The finish has hints of toasted oak. The compact body of this Chardonnay makes it a great accompaniment for grilled fish, seafood or a cheese platter. Enjoy it with the featured recipe: Baked Lemon Herb Salmon.

Talmage Cellars California Semi-Seco Sparkling
This Talmage California Semi Seco-Sparkling Wine has aromas of pear, hazelnut and caramel with hints of orange and anise. The flavors are fizzy and sweet with good acidity and a pleasant medium weight on the palate. This wine has a long sweet finish with tons of fruit and the type of acidity that goes with anything. Enjoy this wine with sushi, strawberries dipped in chocolate, Thai food or light cheeses such as fresh mozzarella. Try it with Red Curried Chicken, or enjoy it all by itself!