Figurative 2022 California Black Muscat

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Our Figurative Black Muscat celebrates one of our most popular varietals.

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This young vintage has hints of dissolved carbon dioxide embedded in the wine which causes a flavorful burst of sweet candy, strawberry, black currant, watermelon and grape juice. This Muscat is round and syrupy in the mouth. The aromatic and fruity mouthfeel dominates. The sweetness is balanced by acidity and a creamy, rich finish. “Caudalie” is a wine term that refers to the time the a wine’s flavors linger on the palate after tasting it. This Figurative wine rates high on the Caudalie scale at over one minute.




Bronze - 2023 Experience Rosé Wine Competition

Bronze - 2023 Sunset International Wine Competition

Bronze - 2023 TEXSOM International Wine Awards

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