Suburban Fracas 2020 Lodi Tannat and California Skirmish Can 2-Pack

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Your two favorite Suburban Fracas wines, now in a can!

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Tannat is a grape that needs an extra scuffle in the tank to extract its dark color and tannins. The skin is so thick that the winery staff has to get down and dirty to wrangle the mighty Tannat, so we bleed the tank to increase skin contact during fermentation. This high-intensity varietal offers a deep, fruity nose of plum, blueberry and cherry, followed by meaty and toasted oak notes.

The tannic structure is pronounced in the mouth. This exuberant wine will coat your teeth and gums forever, well, maybe not quite forever, but its dense, fleshy, intense personality will leave a lasting impression.

For Skirmish, we created a dry, oaky blend that displays ruby red grapefruit, orange zest, ripe apple and pear, which tussle with aromas of peach and toasted oak. In the mouth, the attack is dry with a good amount of acidity. This is a medium-intensity wine with citrus notes in the finish. The skirmish of the fruit flavors and oak offer a pleasant, juicy, balanced experience.

*Due to state alcohol regulations, this wine is not available for purchase and shipping to Louisiana or Maine.