Suburban Fracas California Reprobate

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We did not take an unprincipled approach to this Suburban Fracas Reprobate.

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We could have gone rogue, but instead, we blended 38% Ruby Cabernet, 22% Syrah, 22% Tannat and 18% Petite Sirah wines, all varietals with high tannins and intensity. To enhance the color, tannic structure and exuberance of this wine, a saignée was done on the Syrah and Tannat. This red blend has a dark robe. Lush fruit characters of plum, black cherry, blackberry and black currant are present in the nose without any hints of toasted oak. In the mouth, this rich wine releases strawberry and raspberry flavors in the attack. While tasting this wicked wine, our senses are in a constant contradiction between its sweetness and grape tannins.