3 Table Red and 3 Table White Wine Half-Case

3 Table Red and 3 Table White Wine Half-Case


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Our Table Red Wine is a blend of 76% Syrah, 13% Malbec and 11% Cabernet Franc and has a deep purple color with a nose of red fruit such as raspberry, sweet red beets and cherry. These characters evolve into earthy tones and woodsy aromas. Earthy flavors come forward in the attack in the mouth. This wine has a medium body, a pleasant mouthfeel and a good amount of intensity, featuring some sweetness in the mid-palate and more maturity toward the finish.

Our Table Red Wine is food-friendly and can be paired with easy -to-make dishes such as stews, ham, pizza, hamburgers or grilled chicken. Try it with the featured recipe: Hot Pepper Blackened Turkey Burgers.

Our Table California White Wine has a pale straw-like color once poured into the glass. The nose explores fruity and floral characters with predominant aromas of apple, currant, lemon and watermelon. This off-dry to sweet white wine blend from California combines the flavors of Thompson and French Colombard varietals with a blend of 70% Thompson and 30% French Colombard grapes. The mouth is straightforward with no rough edges or angles in the palate. Mild acidity is maintained throughout, providing a crisp mouthfeel.

The finish is round and pleasant and will pair well with many sweet and sour dishes, Chinese cuisine, pasta with seafood or light desserts. Try it chilled with the featured recipe: Sweet & Sour Chicken Quesadillas.

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