Revel 2018 California Vin Rouge – rosé wine with a navy blue jester silhouette on dark blue, white and light blue gradient label

Revel California Vin Rouge


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Our Revel Vin Rouge is a celebration in the bottle with a 90% White Zinfandel and 10% Muscat of Alexandria and a pretty, bright pink color. In the glass, the wine is pink with some orange, almost terracotta-like tones. This is a direct result of the time the juice stayed in contact with the skin of this Zinfandel in the fermentation tank. This wine opens with fresh aromas of watermelon, ruby red grapefruit and strawberry. There is a second nose with more floral characters like rose. The Muscat brings candy-like undertones throughout the entire mouthfeel. The structure in the mouth is provided by acidity and citrus flavors that are balanced by a few tannins that escaped the skin during those few hours of contact. A fruit smoothie is the closest comparison to this Rosé wine.

This enthusiastic wine will pair well with spicy dishes, Mediterranean salads or savory pastries. Try it with the featured recipe: Vegetable Bibimbap.

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