Fleur Bleu 2017 Chardonnay - white wine with a drawing of 3 flowers on a blue and white label

Fleur Bleu 2017 Riverina, Australia Chardonnay


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This Fleur Bleu 2017 Chardonnay from the Riverina region of Australia showcases great vegetal fresh characters. Pear, apricot, apple and toasted bread aromas then come forward. The introduction to the mouth is almost spicy. The overall mouthfeel is crisp and aggressive. This wine has a good bite with a medium intensity. It is very fluid in the mid-palate all the way through to the finish.

Pair this classic Chardonnay with seafood, fish, pasta or a cheese platter. Enjoy it with the featured recipe: Spiced Prawns with Dried Fruit Couscous.

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