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Talmage Cellars “Let’s Stay Home” California Chardonnay



Our Talmage Cellars California Chardonnay offers classic aromas found in this varietal.

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This wine has some citrus characters like lemon, lime and grapefruit. Depending on the vintage, a small amount of oak may be detected in the finish. This oak will appear in the glass as toasted bread, brown sugar and crème brulée aromas. Chardonnay is always one of the most structured and intense white wines in the mouth. This Chardonnay has a medium intensity, a spike of acidity in the middle and a hint of oaky characters in the finish.

With that type of mouthfeel, this wine can hold up alongside creamy pasta, rice dishes, seafood, grilled fish or a cheese platter. Try it with the featured recipe: Quick & Tasty Chicken Pot Pie.