Table Red, White and Rosé Wine (3-Bottles)

Table Red, White and Rosé Wine (3-Bottles)


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Our Table Red Wine is a blend of 68% Cabernet Sauvignon, 15% Ruby Cabernet, 12% Petit Verdot and 5% Petite Sirah and has a rich color with red fruit such as strawberry, raspberry and cherry with a delicious, candy-like finish in the nose. Fruit-forward aromas carry into the mouth. This wine is almost seventy percent Cabernet Sauvignon, giving it a medium to high intensity, especially for an everyday wine. Our Table Red Wine has an excellent balance between all three of the most important elements for a red wine: acidity, alcohol content and tannins.

A hint of sweetness to round out the finish and you are ready to enjoy this wine by itself or with easygoing dishes such as stews, ham, pizza, hamburgers or grilled chicken. Try it with the featured recipe: Gluten-Free Fresh Tomato Pizza with Cauliflower Crust.

Our Table White Wine was produced using a blend of 42% Pinot Grigio, 33% Chenin Blanc, 15% Muscat, 7% Riesling and 3% Colombard grapes from different regions throughout California. This wine has a beautiful pale color with aromas of mandarin orange, grapefruit and peach. These components were fermented separately in stainless-steel tanks to maintain their aromatic intensity. In the finish, vanilla, cream and fresh cupcake flavors arise. This is an off-dry white with clean, round lines in the attack. Soft lemon notes frame a crisp acidity. It has a medium intensity and the mouthfeel is prolonged by more citrus and sweet notes in the finish.

This wine pairs well with seafood, grilled fish, roasted turkey, chicken or a platter of assorted cheeses. Enjoy it with the featured recipe: Crispy Fish Cakes.

Our new sweet Table Rosé is a blush wine with a blend of 40% Chenin Blanc, 40% French Colombard, 17% Muscat and 3% Cabernet Franc varietals as its base. The golden rose color suggests the three white varietals that were the origin of the final blend. The light peach hue is obtained by blending a few gallons of red wine with white wine. This wine starts with citrus characters such as lemon and lime along with sweet fragrances of honey, pear and ripe apple. This wine is round and lush in the attack and there is a short to medium intensity in the mouthfeel. Straightforward, sweet citrus characters is what it’s all about for this blush rosé.

The round finish will pair well with many dishes such as fish, pasta, turkey or chicken. Try it chilled with the featured recipe: Greek Pasta Salad with Cucumber Yogurt Dressing.

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