Summertime! Who wants to fuss around the kitchen? Nobody. Still, we want to enjoy our wine at the right temp and we want it to be delicious. So here are a few tips/tricks/hacks to save time…and some frosty serving ideas to keep everybody chill and happy this summer.


Summer Shortcuts



For quick-chill tips and more, check this out.

Storing Temperatures for Reds

Please don’t store reds above 70 degrees. Also keep them away from sun exposure and windows.

Serving Temperatures for Reds

Lots of the reds are best when served slightly cooler than room temperature. Bold reds like Cabs or Malbecs only need an hour in the fridge before you serve them. Lighter reds like Pinot Noirs can be served even cooler.

Stains! Uh-Oh!

You’re barbecuing, having a good time and whoops – some wine has made its way to your clothing. Here’s a few ways to remove stains:

If stain is still wet, pour milk onto it. Let it soak. Stain should be gone in an hour.

Immediately after a spill, cover it with table salt. Let it absorb. Brush the salt off the fabric.

Shaving cream
For a dry stain, cover with shaving cream. Then toss into the washing machine and wash in hot water.


Tempting Treats


Summer Shortcuts and Tempting Treats

Red Wine Float

The ultimate treat for your inner child

Vanilla ice cream
Red wine (We recommend our Table Red Wine or Gemme Cellars 2016 Ruby)
Sparkling water
Maraschino cherries
Whipped cream (optional)

1. Scoop ice cream into a glass.
2. Pour wine and sparkling water over the ice cream.
3. Top with cherries and whipped cream.


Summer Shortcuts and Tempting Treats

Fruity Popsicles in Wine

Why not forget the ice and try premium “adult” popsicles? Stick to frozen favorites or experiment with combinations. We recommend this recipe for our Moscato Pops – YUM! Try this with our Moderna 2016 Muscat.


Summer Shortcuts and Tempting Treats

Rainbow Sangria

Pour yourself a wild & colorful serving of fruit

1 chilled bottle of white wine (We recommend our Table White Wine or Gemme Cellars 2016 Gewürztraminer)
2 tbsp. lime juice
8 cups bite-sized strawberries, peaches, pineapple, kiwi, blueberries & purple grapes
1/2 cup club soda or ginger ale

1. In a pitcher, combine wine and lime juice and stir until combined. In individual glasses, add the fruit in layers, in order of: purple, blue, green, yellow, orange and red.
2. Pour wine over the fruit and refrigerate the glasses for at least 15 minutes. Top with a splash of club soda or ginger ale.

The type of fruit you use is entirely up to you. If it fits a color group, substitutions like mandarin oranges instead of peaches will work with this recipe and still give you the same great effect.


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