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As a Sweet Vinotype, you are at the top end of the scale in terms of your sensory sensitivity and tend to be very picky about your wines and many other things—like linens and the texture of your clothes fabric.

Most all of your traits and characteristics are shared with the Hypersensitive Vinotype, however, Sweet Vinotypes are simply defined as having a preference – day-in and day-out, and with whatever food you like—for sweet wines.

Where you find light, delicate wines very flavorful, you may find that other wines, hard alcohol, or even Altoids taste way too strong or bitter.

Roughly 70% of your Vinotype are female and 30% are male.

It is very likely you cut the tags out of your clothes and may have a really hard time finding the right sheets and/or pillowcases.

When you find the right product, place or person, you are fiercely loyal to them.

Other people turn the television or stereo up too loud for you and the thermostat is almost never right!

You are quite likely to be a tea lover.

It is very likely your mother had morning sickness with you (and if you are a male it is almost guaranteed)!

As a child, there is a high likelihood that you were colic.

People like you often love the combo of sweet and sour found in margaritas and may even have an interesting penchant for drinking pickle or olive juice.

Your Vinotype could have been predicted in your mother’s womb as she also craved things that were sweet and salty, like pickles with ice cream.

If you LOVE really, really hot, spicy food you (and Hypersensitive Vinotypes) are most likely to be one of the lucky people who get an orgasm (sort of) when you feel the burn!

Your wine preferences run toward more delicate styles, lower alcohol wines and reds have to be especially rich and smooth for your highly sensitive sensory perception.

Sweet, contented Vinotypes tend to love sangria, White Zinfandel, off-dry German wines like Riesling, and many of the wines misrepresented as “dessert” wines are just dandy for you any time!

Contrary to the “wisdom of wine,” sweet wines have been prized and enjoyed much longer than dry wines. If you run into a sneering, uninformed “dry wine is good wine” person, tell them to take a hike and get with the program.

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