Let’s Taste!

We’ll turn your home into a tasting room, bringing the wine lifestyle to you. You and up to 16 guests can learn about and buy our exclusive artisan wines with our unique, taste-before-you-buy wine experience. Invite your friends, lay out a few simple apps and enjoy pouring up the fun! Your Independent Wine Consultant will be your guide, providing wine education and tips throughout your Wine Tasting.


Book a Tasting with your Wine Consultant


Invite up to 16 wine-loving friends


Provide simple appetizers & glasses


Pour, swirl, sip & enjoy the Tasting!

Host Perks

As our way of saying thank you for Hosting a Wine Tasting, you’re eligible for lots of amazing perks that celebrate your good taste. Sip, sip hooray!


You're the Tops Host Thank You Bottle


A Thank You bottle of wine, exclusively for our Hosts!

Pick 2 items at 50% OFF: the first shipment of your Artisan Collection™ Wine Club Membership, a set of Artisan 5 Star Stems, a Decanter or another featured item

Eligible for Host Credit toward wine, accessories, stemware & gifts

Eligible for up to 3 additional half-priced items when your Tasting guests book their own Tastings

Ask your Wine Consultant for a full list of Host Perks & for more info!

Select Your Sampler

Select the Wine Tasting Sampler that speaks to you and your tastes, the Sampler you think you & your guests will love to experience. With 5 distinct options to choose from, have fun trying them all by hosting multiple Wine Tastings! Your Wine Tasting Sampler includes 5 bottles of artisan wine for $29.95 (plus tax & shipping) and your Host Thank You Bottle.*


  • The Original
    More Reds, More Dry
    You’re the real deal. You like to explore and try all types of wines with your friends and like-minded adventurers. This Sampler offers you an anthology of wines, from white to red and sweet to dry.
    I Want This Sampler
  • The Renegade
    More Whites, More Sweet
    You’re an innovator. You forge your own path when it comes to wine. This Sampler is perfect for your squad to divide and conquer with wines that run the gamut, from white to red and light to bold.
    I Want This Sampler
  • The Collector
    All Reds
    You’re savvy. You know what you like and why – and once you taste something you like, you make sure to have it when the mood strikes. This Sampler is perfect for you and fellow aficionados to enjoy smooth and supple, to big and bold wines.
    I Want This Sampler
  • The Romantic
    Light & Sweet
    You’re passionate. You adore dreamy wines that inspire you and your loved ones to create memories in the pursuit of discovering new favorites. This Sampler shows you a medley of wines from light to sweet & lush to decadent.
    I Want This Sampler
  • The Individualist
    Personalized Wine
    This Sampler offers you the opportunity to taste our Talmage Cellars wines, exclusively available for label personalization. Sip and select varietals & design your own unique label! Perfect for special occasions, gifts and thank you’s.
    I Want This Sampler
  • Enhance My Sampler
    Host-exclusive Custom Packs
    Add on to your Sampler by selecting a Custom Pack. Ask your Wine Consultant for more info on all the options!
    I Want to Host
  • the bon vivant
    Top tier, award-winning Sampler available November - December, 2018 or while supplies last.
    I Want This Sampler
  • the connoisseur
    Top tier, award-winning Sampler available November - December, 2018 or while supplies last.
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*True to its name, “the individualist” Sampler is unique to the other Samplers. It is a 4-bottle Sampler for $39.95 and does not include the Host Thank You Bottle. If you’d like to upgrade your Sampler and offer more wine options to your guests, select a Custom Pack to have these wines shipped along with your Sampler. Ask Your Consultant for more information. The top tier, award-winning Samplers, “the bon vivant” and “the connoisseur” are a limited-time offer. While supplies last. Regular tax rates apply. “The bon vivant” and “the connoisseur” Wine Tasting Samplers that are processed and shipped November through December 2018, for Wine Tastings to be held and closed by December 31, 2018, are only $150.00 plus tax (ground shipping included). “The bon vivant” and “the connoisseur” Samplers do not include a Host Thank You Bottle. All Tastings must be completed & closed with WineShop At Home within 7 days of the Tasting date.

Host Tips

You and your guests will have a fantastic time at your Wine Tasting. Simple, social and oh-so-much delicious fun! Here are some quick Host tips:


Select a few different cheeses, from mild to strong. Fruit, crackers & chocolates make great additions.

Unbox your Sampler and chill all of the wines in the fridge or an ice bucket just before pouring.

Have plenty of water and glasses on hand throughout the Wine Tasting.

If you have a decanter available, ask your Consultant which wines to decant before the Tasting.

Request a Tasting

Ready to have fun and taste wine with your friends? Fill out this form to request a Tasting with your WineShop At Home Wine Consultant. Don’t have a Consultant yet? We’ll put you in touch with a dedicated Consultant in your area. Thanks for becoming a WineShop At Home Host! 

Know a Wine Consultant already? Make sure you’re on their website before filling out this form. If you don’t spot your Consultant’s name or photo at the top of the page, please click or tap “Find Your Consultant”. If you do see your Consultant, please continue!

Our Hosts

Our Hosts are the tops! They open their homes with welcoming smiles, making sure their friends and guests have a wonderful time while enjoying their Wine Tasting. WineShop At Home Hosts are gracious, joyful and always know how to have fun. #WSAHHostsAreTheTops