It’s summertime and the livin’ is easy – well it will be, once the grill finally comes clean. Summer officially arrives on June 21st, bringing an extra hour of daylight along with it.


From July 4th to family reunions, barbeques to weddings, take advantage of that extra hour by enjoying a glass of wine with the ones you love. A great bottle will make any occasion special, especially when paired with easy summer recipes.


Long, leisurely days spent outdoors with friends and family call for wine and recipe ideas that will please everyone’s palates – and their wine personalities. You may be asking yourself, “What’s my wine personality?” Take the fun Vinotype Quiz to find out.


With so many different kinds of wine to choose from, picking a wine to drink alone or with a meal can sometimes feel like an overwhelming task. We here at WineShop At Home believe in keeping things simple. Choosing a wine should be simple too. Finding a wine that’s right for you can not only be an enjoyable experience, but an educational one at that!


This fun and exciting tasting experience can show you how easy it is to discover the wines that are perfect for you or your guests’ own individual taste palates. With a simple quiz that assesses your sensitivities and tolerances, we can then determine your wine personality, or your Vinotype. There’s no studying involved, and there are no right or wrong answers. Sounds like a fun quiz, right? After your Vinotype is determined, we then give you a list of our wine recommendations, making selecting the perfect wine a cinch!


Once you’re armed with the knowledge your Vinotype gives you, you’re ready to venture forth into the now-streamlined and simplified world of wine.


Then read on for some of the best summertime pairings you’ll find this season!



summertime pairings - sweet vinotype


summertime pairings - hypersensitive vinotype


summertime pairings - sensitive vinotype


summertime pairings - tolerant vinotype


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