I’m officially an Independent Wine Consultant with WineShop At Home! Before celebrating with a large glass of vino, let me back up a bit and take you to the start of my journey into the world of wine.


A week ago, I received a Facebook invite to swirl & sip with my good friend from college. She was Hosting a Wine Tasting with her WineShop At Home Wine Consultant. She’d been to a Tasting before and said it was great fun. We shared many late-night study sessions during our college years together, fueled on looming deadlines and wine in plastic cups. We had always joked that once we got our dream jobs, we’d finally be able to enjoy “top-shelf” wine – but that knowing us, we’d still be drinking it out of plastic cups.


I hadn’t seen her in a while and the chance to get together with her and taste a few wines sounded like fun (and let’s face it, tasting wine beats catching up over a cup of coffee) so I happily accepted her invitation. I didn’t know what to expect when I arrived at her place. When I walked in, I hugged her hello and exchanged pleasantries. Then my eyes went WIDE. Glancing over her shoulder, I noticed that, lined up along her coffee table were five amazing-looking bottles of wine, along with cheese, chocolates and other goodies. (I realized then that I shouldn’t have arrived to her place hungry, or thirsty, because my first inclination was to make a beeline over to that table.) I staved off my instincts and hung out with her until her other guests arrived.


Once all of us were gathered around her coffee table and everyone had said their hello’s, the Wine Consultant introduced herself and told us about the company she worked for – WineShop At Home.


Now, I’ll admit that at this point, I was only interested in seeing my friend, meeting new people, tasting wines and hopefully finding some new favorites to stock my kitchen cabinet. I’ll also divulge to you that the concept of what I now know as “direct selling” was completely foreign to me. Foreign, as in, across-the-world foreign. I had never been to a direct selling party or event before, had no clue that WineShop At Home Consultants did in-home Wine Tastings and had no idea what that even meant.


As the Wine Consultant spoke, the concept of experiencing wine with others in a fun, social atmosphere grew in my mind, to become much more than a concept, to something that I thought I could do to make a little extra money. Yet, even as I was thinking this, in the back of my mind I thought, “I love wine, but have no experience, education or background in it. Besides, with my part-time job and grad school, I have no time for something like this.”


Everything changed as the first wine was poured. The Wine Consultant quickly looked down at her notes and then said something that would change my life. “Before we begin…I know you’re looking at me, thinking that I’m some kind of wine expert with a background in tasting wine. I’m not. I’m a professional wine lover. I get paid to share wine with others, helping them find wines they love along the way. I love our product: high quality, award-winning, limited-quantity artisan wines found nowhere else. I’m a full-time mom with a part-time job, and being an Independent Wine Consultant with WineShop At Home has allowed me to make a great additional income. I’m putting money away for my kid’s college education and to help with general expenses. Just last week, I needed new brakes for my car, and I paid for it all with my Consultant income. I work whenever and wherever I want, doing Wine Tastings when it fits my schedule. I love this job, and think you all will too! What’s not to love? Okay, now who’s ready to taste some amazing wines tonight?”


That was my very first taste of WineShop At Home. From the first pour on, everything became clear in my mind. Not only was the opportunity a perfect fit for a wine-drinking social butterfly such as myself, the income I earned could go straight to helping me pay off my student loans and putting a little toward savings.


No, I don’t have any wine knowledge and can’t tell a Merlot from a Malbec. But you know what? That’s okay! I’ll have fun learning new things and tasting wine along the way. This is the beginning of my wine adventure and I can’t wait to share my experiences with you as I pop the cork on my new wine life! My friend was thrilled with my decision. She ran into her kitchen and emerged with two plastic cups, “This occasion calls for celebration!”