1 – Keep it simple. I know that it can sometimes feel overwhelming. You’ve just started your new wine business and you feel like you have to learn everything at once. Take things at your own pace and use the provided training to help you start off on the right foot. You’ll have the support of your upline Leader, your fellow Consultants and WineShop At Home to help you every step of the way.


2 – Talk to your Hosts. Make your Hosts feel special and get them excited about their Wine Tasting! Good, frequent communication before the Tasting date will help encourage them and make them feel less stressed about the Tasting. Remember that it’s our job to ensure that they have a great time and that all of their guests walk away wanting to host their own Wine Tastings.


3 – Never be afraid to follow-up. After your Wine Tastings, be sure to thank your Host and their guests for attending and for their orders. Keep the lines of communication open by giving guests your business card or contact information. Follow up with all guests who seem interested in Hosting a Wine Tasting of their own, or possibly joining WineShop At Home.


4 – Devote time to develop your business. Set aside some time each day to devote to your business, whether that be a half-hour or a few hours. Setting “office hours” helps keep you focused on your goals while maintaining your busy life.


5 – After a long day working your wine business – remember that there’s always wine to come home to!