Ever wondered what your wine personality was? 

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With so many different kinds of wine to choose from, picking a wine to drink alone or to pair with a meal can sometimes feel like an overwhelming task. We here at WineShop At Home believe in keeping things simple. Selecting wine should be simple. Finding the wines that are right for your unique taste buds should be an enjoyable experience, not a daunting one!

In partnership with world-renowned Master of Wine, Tim Hanni, we bring you our Vinotype Quiz. This fun wine personality assessment helps you discover the wines that are perfect for you or your friends’ own individual palates. When you discover your wine personality – your Vinotype, you’ll see a list of wine recommendations, making selecting the perfect wine a cinch!

Once you’re armed with the knowledge your Vinotype gives you, you’re ready to venture forth into the now-streamlined and simplified world of wine.

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