Wine Away Your Summer with Us

Two women in kitchen looking at wines

Looking for a side gig this summer? Become an Independent Wine Consultant with us this month and join the thousands of women and men loving and sharing wine across the nation. Whether you’re wanting to save up for something special, need a break from the 9 to 5 grind or want to learn about wine and expand your horizons, our wine gig is the perfect way to do it! $39.95 is all it takes to become an Independent Wine Consultant this summer with our Wine Cellar Entry Kit.

This Kit is filled with all the essentials you need to get started. With no inventory to carry or keep (ever) and with no wine knowledge required – it couldn’t be simpler to get started. All you need is a love of wine and meeting new people. Why not hire yourself this summer and give us a swirl? Jump right in. The wine is waiting for you! Here are 39 reasons why you should wine away your summer with us:


39.  Freedom – you’re the boss

38.  Um…it’s wine!

37.  You need something just for YOU

36.  Save up for next year’s summer vacay, for holiday gifts or that thing you’ve always had your eye on

35.  You need a timeout from the kiddos during summer break (as much as you love them)

34.  Earn perks and rewards you can qualify for monthly

33.  Sharing wine with friends sure beats driving around in your car all day picking up passengers

32.  Represent quality wines; our wines have won over 170 awards at international and national wine competitions

31.   Easy training videos walk you through everything you need to know to start and build your business

30.  You don’t need to bring or buy anything to do Wine Tastings. How easy is that?!

29.  We are a long-established Napa Valley Winery, led by a female President & CEO

28.  At least four different wines to sip, swirl and share monthly

27.  No wine experience needed

26.  Support – guidance and training from your peers and Leaders

25.  Flexibility – you decide when and how you want to work

24.  No inventory to purchase, keep or manage, EVER!

23.  You decide what you want to earn – there are no monthly quotas or minimums

22.  Friends – become a part of our Wine Nation community of exceptional, fun, wine-loving people & meet new friends at every Wine Tasting

21.  No deliveries to make & no products to carry; our Wine Tasting Samplers, products and Wine Clubs all ship directly from our Home Winery to Hosts and customers

20.  You get your very own website, plus award-winning tech & social marketing tools

19.  Low startup cost – just $39.95 for your Wine Cellar Entry Kit

18.  Enjoy being a Leader and supporting the empowerment of others

17.  Be appreciated, celebrated and recognized for your achievements

16.  Learn – about wines, about leadership, about friendship and about yourself

15.  Give back – be part of our “Raise Your Glass” corporate giving program

14.  Earn luxe Dream Vacations to all around the world, from Vienna to the Caribbean  

13.  We like to have fun! Our annual National Convention is a blast and you’re invited, of course!

12.  We offer a wide array of products for all occasions and wine lovers, including gifts, accessories, Wine Club Memberships and stemware

11.  Our Hosts are the tops! Wine Tasting Hosts can take advantage of incredible Host Perks that are included with their Sampler purchase

10.  Be richly rewarded for getting your new business off to a great start in 100 days

9.  Our Personalized Wines offer people the ability to design & create their own labels. Each label is checked for quality, printed and hand-labeled with love!

8.  We have wines and Wine Tasting Samplers to please every palate and personality, from light and sweet, to rich and bold

7.  If you ever need help, our dedicated IWCCare support team is here to help you be successful

6.  You sip, we ship! Simple flat-rate shipping – only $10 to ship 12 bottles, $12.50 for 6-11 bottles and $15 for 1-5 bottles

5.  Recipe pairings, easy stats and tasting tips by our Winemaker are included with every wine, making it simple to learn & share

4.  Take your business on-the-go with your WineShop At Home App, which provides everything you need to conduct a Tasting at your fingertips

3.  Market amazing artisan wines – crafted with passion & available nowhere else on earth

2.  Speaking of wine – men, women, who doesn’t like wine? Wine is universal and our opportunity is open to everyone in our service areas

1.  Have FUN, build your future and shape your dreams


So what are you waiting for? Talk to your Independent Wine Consultant today to get started, or learn more about us here.