Wine Pick Of The Week: Milano Cellars 2013 California Dolcetto

Milano Cellars 2013 Dolcetto

Our 2013 Milano Cellars Dolcetto was created as a tribute to the heritage and tradition of the classic and timeless Italian lifestyle, very food friendly wine for lunch and dinner to enjoy within the next 2 years. This 2013 Milano Cellars California Dolcetto has a beautiful burgundy robe. The nose is full of black cherry, raspberry and fresh blueberry aromas. This is a sweet wine with very generous fruity flavors. There are also some light toasty notes to complete the nose. The mouth is packed full of young healthy antioxidant tannins from the fruits. More red fruit flavors and a good amount of acidity fills the mid-palate. The wine has a noticeable weight on the palate as a result of the sweetness. This is a round and very approachable wine to pair with many types of food.

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