Wine lovers! Now you can host a Napa Valley tasting experience online with your friends. It’s fun, informative and full of generous perks. Read more.

To see if it’s for you, take our 3-minute quiz, then it’s full Zoom ahead!

VWT Pop Quiz

1. Which one’s more fun?

a. Dentist
b. DMV
c. WineShop Virtual Wine Tasting

2. For 40 bucks, which would you choose?

a. Bushel of turnips
b. Two Pet Rocks
c. 5 bottles of delicious artisan wines

3. How would you love to spend an hour?

a. Mopping the kitchen floor
b. Organizing your junk drawer
c. Having a blast with a VWT

4. Which would you rather see on your computer screen?

a. The past 10 years of tax receipts
b. Video of your Dad’s toe surgery
c. You and your friends sipping, learning, laughing

5. Which would you most like to learn about?

a. Mating habits of the Western dung beetle
b. Replacing the transmission in your car
c. Wine, fabulous wine!

6. What will you wear for your VWT?

a. Spandex, babee
b. PJ bottoms, Lynyrd Skynyrd T-shirt
c. Anything you want, including the above

If you picked mostly a’s – Seriously?
If you picked mostly b’s – Lighten up, friend, and take the quiz again
If you picked mostly c’s – Woo hoo! You’re ready! Enjoy your VWT! And tell your friends!

A Couple of Extras
Want to host your VWT from the Simpsons’ living room, a Disney castle or the moon? Find your free Zoom backgrounds here. Searching for a theme song? This is it! Who’s Zoomin’ Who (Aretha Franklin) 

The Simpsons living room
*Image courtesy of Fox and