What better way to welcome spring than with a Wine Tasting with friends? A theme makes it easier to engage your guests and certainly adds to the fun. If you’re feeling creative and in the mood to shake things up with the start of the season, here are 10 spring-ready Tasting themes to inspire you!


1.  Spring Vintages Abloom

Idea: First, have guests take the Vinotype Quiz on our website. Give each guest a flower that signifies their Vinotype (real flowers, silk flowers or images of flowers). Then direct guests to the best wines for their Vinotype, which will be easy to find since you’ve placed matching flowers near the bottles.


Sensitive – lily, daffodil, rose
Hypersensitive – baby’s breath, peony, pansy
Sweet – hyacinth, freesia, sweet pea
Tolerant – tulip, orchid, hydrangea

After everyone has sampled their own “flower” encourage guests to build a “bouquet” of wines they like. Serve bright springtime appetizers, and even if it’s still cold outside, think SPRING!


Vegetable Spring Rolls – Light, cool, crunchy and ideal for dipping. Pair with the Fleur Bleu 2016 Sauvignon Blanc.

Carrot Hummus – Bright and nutritious, excellent as a dip with crackers or as a spread with cheese. Pair with the Joy Cellars Riesling.

Hello Flower Cupcakes Celebrate and serve up a sweet bouquet! Pair with the Panache Lane Flamboyant.

2.  Color and Sip
Idea: Let your guests choose from a selection of “grown up” coloring books and plenty of crayons/colored pencils. Then they can forget all their cares and color away as they taste and hear about the wines.

3.  March Madness
Idea: Need we say more? If your crowd is crazy for the games, grab some team décor and set up a casual, comfortable Tasting. Let everyone toast their team and munch on sporty snacks while they cheer the game.

4.  Tasting Blind
Idea: Cover the bottles with festive wrap. Provide tablets and pens. Guide your guests through the Tasting order and suggest they don’t say their guesses aloud but write them down and reveal them at the end. 

5.  Sip & Watch
Idea: Which TV shows do your guests love? Whether it’s Game of Thrones or The Voice, set up the screen and invite everyone to taste, snack and chat to their hearts’ content.

6.  Mad Plaid Party
Idea: Ask everyone to wear plaid. Encourage them to get a little crazy and mix plaids. Plaid up the surroundings with plaid tablecloths, accessories and decorations. Taste and enjoy. Simple silly fun, it’s a great ice-breaker.

7.  Incredible Women
Idea: March is Women’s History Month. Pay tribute to accomplished women. It can be as simple as printing out images/bios and having them accessible to your guests as they taste, toast and discuss.

8.  For Pizza Lovers
Idea: Pairing wine with pizza isn’t new, yet people always love it. Offer a variety of GOOD pizzas and the best vintages to complement them. If you include checkered tablecloths and Italian tunes, that’s cool too.

9.  Poetry Party
Idea: Poetry doesn’t need to be classical. It can be comical or free form and hip (as in a poetry slam). Ask your guests to bring a poem or two, set up a standing “microphone” (which can be cardboard) and let everyone sip as they take turns reading poems about the wines they are tasting.

10.  Ladies (and Lads) Who Brunch
Idea: Mimosas anyone? Add a Sparkle Custom Pack to your Wine Tasting Sampler and set up a mimosa station with dishes of fruit and bottles of fruit juices to accompany the sparkling wine. Serve brunch-time favorites as small bites if you’re so inclined or keep it simple with fruit and cheese.


Select your Wine Tasting Sampler and book your Wine Tasting today or talk to your Wine Consultant for more Tasting ideas & inspiration!