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Online or in-home, we bring the Napa Valley wine tasting experience to you & your friends.

Ways to Taste

In-Home Tastings

  1. Book a Tasting with a Wine Consultant, who will organize and lead your in-home Tasting
  2. Select your Wine Tasting Sampler—there are 4 styles to choose from
  3. Invite your fellow wine lovers (the Sampler serves up to 16)
  4. Provide simple snacks, water & glasses
  5. Pour, swirl, sip & discover your favorites while taking advantage of your Host Perks
Group of friends on a couch at a Wine Tasting

Virtual Tastings

  1. Book a Virtual Tasting with a Wine Consultant, who will organize and lead your Tasting
  2. Select wines or a Sampler based on your taste with the help of your Consultant
  3. Invite your friends to join you virtually—the more, the merrier
  4. All you need is comfy clothes, a mobile device or laptop and a wine glass
  5. Socialize, have fun & discover new favorites while taking advantage of your Host Perks
Couple in their kitchen enjoying a Virtual Wine Tasting

Corporate Tastings

  • Select your Virtual Wine Tasting Flight. Your Wine Consultant will help you choose based on your budget and the time & type of event you are hosting.
  • Your Wine Tasting can be the main event or part of a larger meeting, seminar, party or conference.
  • Whether you have a group of 5 or 500, our Virtual Wine Tasting Events can accommodate just about any size and occasion. Flights will ship directly to your guests’ doorsteps, including Winemaker notes that offer info and pairing ideas.
  • Laugh, learn, sip, connect and reconnect. Wine is social, after all! Your Wine Consultant will guide your guests through each wine, providing fun facts throughout the experience.
Solo woman enjoying a Corporate Virtual Tasting at home

Let's Taste

Browse our 6-Bottle Wine Tasting Sampler options!

Wine Tasting Sampler (the original) on table outdoors

the original

Mixed Dry Wines

$59.95incl. shipping


Perfect if you like to explore dry wines from around the globe with your friends.
Wine Tasting Sampler (the explorer) on coffee table in living room

the explorer

Mixed Sweet, Off-Dry & Dry Wines

$59.95incl. shipping


Perfect if you and your squad like to be adventurous and try all types of wines.
Wine Tasting Sampler (the specialist) on coffee table in living room

the specialist

Off-dry & Dry Red Wines

$59.95incl. shipping


Perfect if you and your fellow enthusiasts enjoy red wines, whether smooth and supple or big and bold.
Wine Tasting Sampler (the romantic) on coffee table in living room

the romantic

Mixed Light, Off-Dry & Sweet Wines

$59.95incl. shipping


Perfect if you adore dreamy, light and sweet wines and enjoy them with friends who are just as sweet as you!
Woman holding three bottles of wine

Host Perks

Three wine glasses icon

Earn 100 WineShop Reward Points every time you taste

Box of wine icon

With your Sampler purchase, pick 2 items at 50% off: the first shipment of your Wine Club Membership or a bottle of wine

wine bottle and glass icon

Included with every 12 bottles purchased at your Tasting, you can select a bottle (up to $35 value) for $8.99 included with your Host order

Discount icon

When 2 or more of your guests host their own Tastings, you can pick up to 3 wine or stemware items for 50% off

The Raves

I loved our Wine Tasting! We were a lively group and she appreciated our enthusiasm for wine and each other! Even on Zoom, it felt like our Wine Consultant was in the room with us.”

AngelinaFrom WA.

I have hosted several Tastings at my house and attended others at friends' houses. WineShop has helped me expand my palate and get to know different varietals that were outside of my comfort zone.”

SarahFrom MO.

WineShop At Home is a fantastic experience both in-home and virtual. I have tried another company in the past and the wines being selected were not my palate and I felt like I was wasting money. WineShop has helpful guidance, Consultants and overall experience. They make it easier than going to the store and trying to figure out wine!"

JenniferFrom CA.

I absolutely loved hosting a Virtual Wine Tasting with my Wine Consultant. She was very detailed and knowledgeable about the product. I could host a Tasting for 10 people at an affordable price. The wine was great! I will definitely be a loyal customer not only for the wine, but the service provided.”

TaNeidraFrom NC.

Hosting a WineShop At Home Tasting is so easy and so much fun. My friends and I have the best time with our super knowledgeable Wine Consultant and we take turns hosting a couple times a year. And the fact the wines are SO GOOD is just the icing on the cake. I went from being ‘not a wine person’ to ‘I really love my WineShop wines!’”

StaciFrom GA.

Wine Tastings have become one of my favorite events to host for so many reasons! It’s a great time and who doesn’t love spending time with your loved ones or friends while eating great apps and drinking amazing wine?”

AlonnaFrom CO.

I love all of the different Tasting options and themes. I’ve hosted three times now. Each event has been unique and I learn something new about wine every time. Not to mention, the wines are absolutely delicious! It’s a great way to gather friends together.”

ChristineFrom CO.

WineShop At Home provides the perfect excuse to throw a party! It’s a great time to get together with family & friends and catch up or make new memories while sampling delicious wines. It’s also pushed me to try different wines and expand my palate. My Wine Consultant is the best! She provides great information about the wines and the company and is always quick with a great food pairing. Plus, she is just fun to host a party with!”

JenniferFrom CO.


Our Hosts are the best! They open their homes with welcoming smiles, warm hospitality and delicious snacks to ensure a wonderful Wine Tasting experience.

Charcuterie board with cheeses and various snacks and three bottles of wine
Woman holding box of WineShop At Home wines
Tray of wine nachos - chocolate crisps with blue cheese and honey
Group of friends holding various wines
Two women tasting Glory Cellars wines outdoors
Group of friends at a Wine Tasting in a kitchen
Grazing table with wine glasses, cheese, chocolates and other tasting snacks
Two men holding wine bottles
Woman pouring wine in kitchen
Group of friends with Let's Taste sign


How do I book a Wine Tasting?

Click or tap “Book Now” on this page and we’ll get to work connecting you with a Wine Consultant in your area. If you already know a Wine Consultant, your booking request will be sent to them. Once you’ve connected with your Wine Consultant, they will confirm your Wine Tasting type (virtual or in-home), confirm your Wine Tasting Sampler choice (optional for Virtual Tastings) and help organize, set up and lead your Wine Tasting.

If there isn't a Wine Consultant near me, can I still host a Wine Tasting?

You can host a Virtual Wine Tasting! Your Wine Consultant can virtually guide you and your guests through the Wine Tasting via Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, etc. The optional Wine Tasting Sampler is shipped directly to you, so a Virtual Tasting is a fun & simple way to taste, no matter where you or your Wine Consultant is located.

Does it cost anything to host a Wine Tasting?

Your Wine Tasting Sampler includes 6 bottles of wine to share and all of your other amazing Host Perks for $59.95 plus tax. Ground shipping is included. That’s an average total retail value of over $150! For a Virtual Wine Tasting, the Sampler purchase is optional.

How do I choose a Sampler?

You will partner with your Wine Consultant who will guide you in selecting the right Wine Tasting Sampler for you and up to 16 guests. There are 4 different options to choose from that range in taste profiles. The wines in each Sampler vary and change from month to month due to their limited production.

Should I provide food pairings for my Tasting?

Simple pairings are best. No need to provide a full spread or turn the oven on (unless you want to!). Here’s what we recommend to pair with your Sampler:

Crackers or bread
Milk & dark chocolates
Grapes or strawberries
Three kinds of cheese:
– Mild – Havarti or Brie
– Medium – Gouda or dry Cheddar
– Strong – Parmesan or blue cheese

How long does the Tasting take?

An average In-Home Wine Tasting from start to finish is approximately 1 to 1 1/2 hours. Virtual Tastings are approximately 40 minutes to 1 hour. Remember though, time flies when you’re having fun!

If my friends can't make it, are they still able to order?

Absolutely! Your Wine Consultant will walk you through how they can place an order if they are unable to make it. Your guests’ orders and bookings often count towards your Host Perks, so encourage your guests to make their selections at the Tasting or very soon after it.

What do I get for hosting?

As our way of saying thank you for Hosting a Wine Tasting, you’re eligible for lots of amazing perks that celebrate your good taste. Here’s what’s included when you host:

1. If you host a Tasting, you will earn 100 Points if there is a minimum of 1 guest order, a minimum of $200 in total Tasting Volume and if the Tasting has concluded
2. With your Sampler purchase, you can pick 2 items at 50% off: the first shipment of your Wine Club Membership or a bottle of wine
3. Included with every 12 bottles purchased at your Tasting, select a bottle (up to $35 value) for $8.99
4. When 2 or more of your guests host Tastings, you can pick up to 3 wine or stemware items for 50% off