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Wine that loves you back.

Experience the most rewarding way to WineShop At Home! Every purchase earns you points that you can use to sip & save. The best part? It’s free and there’s no sign-up needed.

How Your Points Add Up

25 Points

The First Sip

The beginning of a beautiful friendship is cause for celebration. Your first order earns you 25 Points.

1 Point

For Every Dollar Spent

Earn on almost everything before tax and shipping.

*Excludes Samplers and Business Kits. Points awarded after your order is processed and shipped.

50 Points

Share the Love

Good friends wine together. Earn 50 Points when you share WineShop with your bestie.

*Points awarded when referral's first order has shipped.

100 Points

Tasting Time

Not only do our Tasting Hosts get the most with our Host Perks, you also earn 100 Points every time you taste.

150 Points

Wine Club

Earn 150 Points for every recurring Club shipment, in addition to the Points you get for the price of your Club!


Earn more Points and uncork more of what you love. After 6 months, they will expire, so be sure to use them down to the very last drop!

$20 Off

= 200 Points

*Applicable to orders with a subtotal of $150 or more, excluding taxes, fees and shipping, after all other discounts are applied.

$50 Off

= 400 Points

*Applicable to orders with a a subtotal of $250 or more, excluding taxes, fees and shipping, after all other discounts are applied.

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How do I join the WineShop Rewards program?

Whether you’re a new customer with us or an existing one (thanks, by the way!) you will be automatically enrolled when your first qualified order ships.

Do I earn anything when I place my first order?

You will earn 25 Reward Points when your first qualified order ships, and additional Points on the value of your order.

Do I get Reward Points if I host a Wine Tasting?

Yes! If you host a Tasting, you will earn 100 Points (in addition to your Host Perks) if there is a minimum of 1 guest order, a minimum of $200 in total Tasting Volume and if the Tasting has concluded.

Do I earn Reward Points for the Wine Tasting Sampler that I purchased for my Tasting?

Our Wine Tasting Samplers are designed to offer 6 bottles of wine at an extraordinary value and as such, are excluded from our Rewards Program. However, if you purchase additional wine(s) to add to your Sampler, you will receive Points for this.

Are there exclusions to what I can use Reward Points on?

You cannot apply Points to orders of Business Kits, Wine Tasting Samplers, Raise Your Glass: America’s Mighty Warriors donations or recurring Wine Club shipments. In addition, you cannot use Points towards any taxes, fees or shipping charges. Reward Points cannot be used on orders associated with a Tasting.

I’m a Wine Club Member. Do I receive Points for my monthly shipments?

Yes! You’ll receive Points for your monthly shipments, excluding any taxes. Points are awarded at the full retail amount when purchasing a Pre-Paid Wine Club Membership, when the first Club ships.

How do I redeem my Reward Points?

You can redeem your WineShop Rewards in designated blocks of 200 or 400 Points as outlined below. They cannot be combined. 


Minimum $ Product Purchase (not including taxes or shipping) 


Number of Points Required  Total Discount on Purchase Using Reward Points 
$150.00  200  $20.00 
$250.00  400  $50.00 



Is there a maximum number of Points I can redeem each year?

There is an annual limit of 4,000 Reward Points that may be used and redeemed in a calendar year.

Do Reward Points expire?

Points expire after 6 months of generation, at the end of the calendar month. Here’s how it all works:

Qualified orders shipped in January: Reward Points expire at the end of July 

Qualified orders shipped in February: Reward Points expire at the end of August

Qualified orders shipped in March: Reward Points expire at the end of September

Qualified orders shipped in April: Reward Points expire at the end of October

Qualified orders shipped in May: Reward Points expire at the end of November

Qualified orders shipped in June: Reward Points expire at the end of December

Qualified orders shipped in July: Reward Points expire at the end of January

Qualified orders shipped in August: Reward Points expire at the end of February

Qualified orders shipped in September: Reward Points expire at the end of March

Qualified orders shipped in October: Reward Points expire at the end of April

Qualified orders shipped in November: Reward Points expire at the end of May

Qualified orders shipped in December: Reward Points expire at the end of June

How do I place an order to redeem my Points?

If you have a minimum of 200 Points and have qualifying items in your shopping cart, you will see the option to redeem rewards during checkout. This area is located above the payment details section of the checkout page.

If I go to a Tasting, can I redeem my Reward Points on my order?

No—Points cannot be used on orders associated with Tastings.

Can I place orders with multiple Wine Consultants and receive Points on my Rewards account?

Your Points will always be tied to your account, regardless of your Wine Consultant, so long as you only have one email address on file.


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Terms, conditions and restrictions apply. See WineShop Rewards Terms & Conditions for complete details.