Holiday Wine Pairings

Holiday Wine Pairings

The time has come to start preparing for holiday celebrations and festivities. Pairing food and wine for you and your guests can sometimes be challenging. Our number one tip? Serve an assortment of wine to satisfy a wide range of … Read More »

How Wineries Use Water

How Wineries Use Water

Water is indeed the number one topic among wine professionals. Let’s describe, in more detail, a few sustainable procedures used today. In my recent article, “The Importance of Water for Wineries,” I finished with this old quote: “There is an old … Read More »

Featured image for The Importance of Water for Wineries

The Importance of Water for Wineries

Because of the drought, the wine industry is paying close attention to the usage of water. There are now many wineries that call Napa home, not just Napa Valley or Napa County but within the Napa city limits itself. Outside … Read More »

The 2015 Harvest has begun!

The 2015 Harvest Has Begun!

Unless you work at a winery or in a vineyard, and you hear this phrase in July, you’d probably wonder what’s wrong with this statement. Looking at the pictures below, one would think that harvest is already underway – green … Read More »

Tanks the Perfect Storage for Wine

Tanks: The Perfect Storage for Wine

A few weeks ago, we discovered in more detail the influence that oak had on wine. The storage of wine has been changing over the past millenniums. New technologies, vineyard expansion and the increase of worldwide wine production has given birth … Read More »

Oak and Wine Barrels

Oak and Wine

The History, Fabrication and Usage Ancient civilizations used clay amphorae (storage containers) as the main storage medium of choice for transporting oil and wine. Romans began to spread their empire across the globe. Wine was safer to drink than water … Read More »