It’s almost that time of year again – the time when we all collectively scratch our heads and try to think of that special, one-of-a-kind gift for everyone on our holiday list. But have no fear! Let WineShop At Home be your home for the holidays. Find a perfect present for all of your loved ones – from the young at heart to the traditionalist and everyone in between with our holiday gift guide. These wine gifts are sure to light up their eyes and get you on the “Nice” list! 


For the Young At Heart

Fun gifts that are bright, colorful and don’t take themselves too seriously.

Holiday Gift Guide

1. Panache Lane Flamboyant

2. Whiskers Silicone Drink Markers

3. Retro Boombox Bottle Gift Bag

4. Joy Cellars Jubilant

5. Fun Phrase Assorted Bottle Gift Bags

6. Rose-Gold Wine Tumblers (Set of 2)

7. Cloud 2016 Symphony

8. “Screw It” Bottle Gift Bag


For the Oenophile

Stocking stuffers to help them pour and store their favorites, along with award-winning wines and gift bags that highlight their true passion. 

Holiday Gift Guide

1. California Terroir Natural Canvas Bottle Gift Bag & Tea Towel Set

2. Cellar Bottle Tags

3. Fact 2016 Cabernet Franc

4. Wine Away Spray-Can

5. Wine Aerator

6. Fleur Bleu 2016 Chenin Blanc

7. Wine Lover’s Treasure

8. Red Roof Vineyard Bottle Gift Bag

9. Deluge 2012 Storm

10. Wine Jute Bottle Bag


For the Social Butterfly

Celebratory wines paired with metallic bags and gifts perfect for a party.

Holiday Gift Guide

1. le Cadeau Rosé Sparkling Wine

2. Wine Wipes

3. “Love The Wine You’re With” Bottle Gift Bag

4. le Cadeau Semi-Seco Sparkling Wine

5. Wine Bottle Candelabra

6. “Cheers” Bottle Gift Bag

7. Glam Rose-Gold Wine Purse

8. Somersville Cellars 2016 Red Meritage

9. Pink & White Ceramic Rose Wine Stoppers (Set of 2)

10. Metallic Brushstroke Assorted Bottle Gift Bags


For the Traditionalist

Bold reds paired with chocolate or masterful stemware are the name of the game for the the classic traditionalist on your list. 

Holiday Gift Guide


1. California Terroir Natural Canvas Bottle Gift Bag & Tea Towel Set

2. Artisan 5 Star “The Master” Stem (Set of 4)

3. Terroir Cellars 2015 l’Ouverture

4. Artisan 5 2014 Masterpiece

5. Cabernet and Triple Berry Cream Truffles

6. Horizontal Natural Two-Tone Jute Bottle Bag

7. Harlow Court Private Reserve

8. Black & Gold Ornament Bottle Gift Bag


For the Impromptu Guest or the Hard-to-Shop-For

Joyful, quick gifts to have at-the-ready for impromptu holiday guests and statement-making presents that are sure to wow even the most discerning and hard-to-shop-for recipients. 

Holiday Gift Guide

1. Table Red Wine

2. Red Trio Gift Box

3. “Out to Lunch” Canvas Stealth Flask

4. le Cadeau Semi-Seco Sparkling Wine

5. Jute Houndstooth Wine Bottle Gift Bag

6. Grand Tier Gourmet

7. Table White Wine

8. Horizontal Natural Two-Tone Jute Bottle Bag


Want even more great gift ideas for the holiday season? Talk to your Independent Wine Consultant today!