As football season kicks off, we’re pairing football-watching must-haves with wines that are a match made in heaven. Because who says wine isn’t a great game day drink? Sparkling wine is the perfect bubbly accompaniment to salty chips or jalapeño poppers. Hot chicken wings or spicy sausages & peppers call for a sweet wine to tame all that heat. Robust chili, ribs and hot dogs are best paired with intense wines that can compete with their strong flavors.

If you have friends coming over for the game, you’re going to need a few snacks and libations to carry you across the goal line. Our handy Football & Wine Pairings Chart features a winning lineup of combinations that are taking the field this football season.

Shop our selection of artisan wines and get ready to do a touchdown dance!


WineShop At Home Football & Wine Pairings


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