Thinking About Thanksgiving

Thinking About Thanksgiving

This is the time of year to pause and reflect on the year so far, and to get yourself prepped and ready for the hectic holiday season to come. You’ll be cool and calm when Thanksgiving rolls around if you begin to think about your holiday table now.

Prep for the holidays. Stock your cellar with wines for your holiday table: Don’t want to worry about having a stocked cellar for all those delicious holiday meals? Try the Artisan Collection™ Wine Club. A unique selection of two or four artisan wines will be sent directly to you each month.

Delight your guests. Always have a selection of varietals on hand: Want to have a stress-free holiday season? Keep a number of wines at the ready to satisfy all tastes. With a wide selection of artisan wines from WineShop At Home, you’re sure to find something for those who prefer reds, whites, sweet whites, or those big bold reds.

Pair wines with your Thanksgiving menu. Thanksgiving foods are comforting, seasonal, and often times rich. Determining the wines that pair well with your Thanksgiving menu is a breeze with these pairing suggestions:





Vegetables like green beans and Brussel sprouts:


Vegetables like sweet potatoes, corn, carrots, squash or pumpkin:
Turkey with herbs, garlic or butter:


Turkey that is predominantly citrusy or sweet:
Creamy dishes like casseroles, mashed potatoes, or mac ‘n cheese:
Creamy, rich desserts like pumpkin or pecan pie:
Fruit desserts like fruit pies, tarts or crumbles: