This past September was our “Toast to the Host” month! To celebrate, WineShop At Home Independent Wine Consultants were busy snapping photos of their Wine Tasting Hosts with their “You Are Amazing” Host Thank You Bottles & describing what makes their Host AMAZING. With hundreds of entries submitted by Consultants all across the country, we chose 12 favorites as our September contest winners. See these amazing Hosts and find out how you can join in the fun! #WSAHHostsAreAmazing



Independent Wine Consultant Jen LaCour talks about her amazing Host, Chantelle:

“Chantelle is a fantastic Host because she knew nothing about wine, and she wanted to host and learn all about different varietals, great quality, and how to pair her wines with the right food! And, she had a super fun group of guests – several that had so much fun they booked their own Tasting and one that even wants to be a Wine Consultant!”



Independent Wine Consultant Jessica Jeanes talks about her amazing Host, Laura:

“My Host showing off her “Amazing” bottle!! Laura Burton is an amazing neonatal nurse at the local Children’s Hospital and loves to enjoy wine around 8am, after her shift! Laura- thank you for Hosting!!! I am so glad we met!”



Independent Wine Consultant Sarah Lusk talks about her amazing Host, Lindsey:

“Lindsey is an amazing Host because she organized a great Wine Tasting and we had a fabulous time! She’s a beautiful mom and teacher who enjoys relaxing with a glass of wine. Thanks Lindsey!”



Independent Wine Consultant Megan Powell talks about her amazing Host, Antoinette:

Antoinette Vernon is an amazing Host because she always takes the time to make every event, party, and gathering so special and fun! She made cute custom wine glasses for each of her guests at our Wine Tasting! Cheers to you and your friendship Twan!”



Independent Wine Consultant Cristina Christensen talks about her amazing Host, Liz:

“Liz was an amazing Host tonight! She wanted to do something fun and special for her teacher co-workers! Who needs wine more than they do?! Liz is super sweet and all of her friends were incredible! Looking forward to her future Hosts and possible future Consultants!”



Independent Wine Consultant Jessica Zamora talks about her amazing Host, Carlie:

“Carlie is amazing: she’s a great listener, a big giver, always puts other people’s interests and needs before her own, loves my nieces & brother, and loves her friends like they’re family…therefore, wanting them to drink GREAT wine!”



Independent Wine Consultant Joshua Figg talks about his amazing Hosts, Thad and Keevan:

“Thank you Thad and Keevan Buege for hosting a great Sunday fun day Tasting!! Poor “Buddy” is a bit of a light weight! This was Thad and Keevan’s second time Hosting. They are fantastic Hosts because they always know how to keep things simple, yet elegant and most of all fun!!”



Independent Wine Consultant Paula MacDonald talks about her amazing Host, Jennifer:

“My Host yesterday, Jennifer Harrison, is an English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) teacher serving 4th and 5th grade. She did a brunch Tasting to help her fellow educators get started on a happy note… She ROCKS!”



Independent Wine Consultant Shari Keen talks about her amazing Host, Michelle:

“How fun does this look? My Host Michelle Anderson Van Zante confided in me she had NEVER hosted any party! After attending a Wine Tasting last month she decided that needed to change… I think your friends agree, you are an amazing Host!”



Independent Wine Consultant Britley Farmer talks about her amazing Host, Natalie:

“You are amazing because you worked so hard to make your Tasting perfect and thoughtful for your closest friends and co-workers and it paid off! My favorite was the wine cupcakes. Everybody had such a great time! You are amazing!!”



Independent Wine Consultant Nina Anderson talks about her amazing Host, Tasha:

“Thank you Tasha Verebelyi for being such a fun and energetic Host. Look at how amazing this lady is, one day she is repelling down a building and the next hosting a WineShop At Home Tasting. That “You Are Amazing” Host bottle looks pretty great as she ventures up the climbing wall at her home.”


And for our final September “Toast to the Host” #WSAHHostsAreAmazing Contest winner, who shows us that you can have an amazing Wine Tasting, even when you’re 800 miles away…



Independent Wine Consultant Jessica Ruh talks about her amazing, long-distance Host, Jennifer:

“We have the most rocking Hosts out there! Jennifer was an amazing Host from start to finish! She took a leap of faith and booked a Skype-guided Tasting while at another Tasting I had done in-person. 800 miles between us and it truly felt like I was right there with her and her wonderful guests! She made a point to express her love for all of the wine she had previously purchased and encouraged her guests to step out of their comfort zones. Cheers to you Jen, you made my job easy and fun!”


A huge thank you to everyone who took part in our September “Toast to the Host” #WSAHHostsAreAmazing Contest and shared your wonderful Host photos & stories with us. We raise a glass to you!

Whether you’ve never Hosted a Wine Tasting before, or are interested in Hosting again with a new Wine Tasting Sampler to enjoy, please go here to find out more information about our Wine Tastings & your Sampler options.