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Talmage Cellars California Cabernet Sauvignon

Our Talmage Cabernet Sauvignon represents the best that this powerful varietal has to offer. Our Winemaker has extensive Cabernet Sauvignon experience, having worked with several world-class producers from the Medoc and Napa Valley. Cabernet Sauvignon can display black cherry, blackberry, blueberry and plum. As the wine matures, warm spices, vanilla, black pepper, tobacco and leather aromas can develop from aging in toasted oak barrels. This is a dry wine with layered tannins that coat the mouth from beginning to finish. This classic Cab is elegant, charming, robust and has a long finish. Enjoy it with lamb chops, grilled beef steak or pan-seared pork medallion.

Talmage Cellars California Chardonnay

Our Talmage Cellars California Chardonnay offers classic aromas found in this varietal. This wine has some citrus characters like lemon, lime and grapefruit. Depending on the vintage, a small amount of oak may be detected in the finish. This oak will appear in the glass as toasted bread, brown sugar and crème brulée aromas. Chardonnay is always one of the most structured and intense white wines in the mouth. This Chardonnay has a medium intensity, a spike of acidity in the middle and a hint of oaky characters in the finish.

Talmage Cellars California Semi-Seco Sparkling

This Talmage California Semi Seco-Sparkling Wine has aromas of pear, hazelnut and caramel with hints of orange and anise. The flavors are fizzy and sweet with good acidity and a pleasant medium weight on the palate. This wine has a long, sweet finish with tons of fruit and the type of acidity that goes with anything. Enjoy this wine with sushi, strawberries dipped in chocolate, Thai food or light cheeses such as fresh mozzarella.

Talmage Cellars Sweet T

Our Talmage Sweet T displays dark red fruit characters in the nose, such as blackberry, cherry and strawberry. The fruity start is intense and lasting. Later, we are transported into a rich aromatic world of pepper, cacao, tobacco and toasted oak. Even with a high level of sweetness, this medium to strong bodied blend showcases a fair amount of tannins in the attack, the mid-palate and the finish. The fruity aromas blend well with the sweetness.